Tuesday, December 31, 2013

End of the year

It's been a good year for me! I've closed out December with something like 50 miles, as this month was my rest month. Honestly I was feeling pretty burnt out and tired of worrying about my fitness level due to an upcoming race. Along with that I had a few issues with PF and my ankle so I missed the last 50k of the year. It's a pretty sucky feeling, especially when you know there is no wait-list, but I had to do what was right for me. Quite a few people scoff at DNS, but quite a few people don't know the full story behind many of those. Plus I contacted the RD & Volunteer coordinator with my intention. The good thing is, I've had time to relax, time to reflect, time to plan and time to get really excited about next year. I'm optimistic and happy. I'm thankful I took the break.

The first week of December in Portland was incredibly cold. I'm not sure if the weather was ever above freezing, and many days it was under 20 and some had negative wind chills. I learned that among the obligation to train (this should be fun!), cold weather is not my thing. Lack of proper attire (capri's only) was a factor, but it doesn't get cold enough here usually to warrant tights. I fretted over a 12 mile week. A cut back week is actually good for the body, but along with everything else, I decided to cut myself a big break and focus on the positives -- and relax!

I have kept up with my long run on Saturday's though. Back in November I offered to pace a group for the winter at a slower pace than what I'd usually run, and overall it's been a really nice experience. Since it's a purely volunteer gig, everyone is really thankful and it's gratifying to help others get through a long run, as well as put in a few miles myself. We're up to 14 miles right now and last week was run at a 11:07 pace. I'm a-okay with that. It was kind of neat that it only took a couple weeks to get used to the roads again, though the first few runs were torture. I really am looking forward to hitting the trails again though.

Race schedule is being finalized, and all in all this year was full of surprises. I certainly pushed myself further than I thought I would, and next year will likely be no different. Accept all of 2013 and move forward. I've never cared for resolutions, as I have general goals and they're always evolving. I'm usually determined enough to make things happen, but if you're a resolutions person, then go for it. Make a schedule, a plan, a list, whatever you need, and start the year off right. Live your life with a purpose... even if that purpose is small, a little annoying, and likely somewhat self-absorbed (if you're a runner, ha ha!).
Happy New Years!

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  1. I am so glad to hear that you break has really helped you. Looking forward to starting mine in about a month.