Sunday, October 27, 2013

Autumn Leaves 50m = done!

I knew signing up for a 50 miler this year was a bold move. But 11 hours, 10 minutes and some seconds later, I finished the race. I even had 30 minutes to spare at the cut-off (at 44 miles) too! While I HURT SO MUCH today, I'm pretty darn excited to have earned my first belt buckle. It sure is pretty!

Fairly certain the course measured a little long and I'm taking credit for every darn mile I ran. Ha ha! No, seriously. I am. If I take out one of the lap outliers, the avg lap was 6.4 miles instead of 6.25. 50 miles is long way to run. (6.4 * 8 =) 51.2 miles is a long, long way to run.

Longest distance ever recorded on my watch so far! It kind of blows my mind

I don't really have any other pictures than the one Deb took of me after finishing with my buckle. The black and orange tape is KT tape that my sports chiro put on for knee tracking. I joked that if I pulled it off my entire leg/body would fall apart. On course, about mile 40-something, that thought was pretty amusing.

My entire body aches today, but it was worth it. I discovered I had a belt that I can put this buckle on and have been lounging around in it in my PJ's like a refined, classy person.

Thank you for all your support and encouragement. I'm blown away at how many people have been so supportive - because I know this really was a crazy thing for me to do. Today the Columbia Gorge Marathon is happening. That was my first marathon one year ago. I never guessed I'd be where I am fact the thought of running ultra distances seemed ludicrous until early this year. It's not. It's pretty darn awesome. And a little painful. ;-)


  1. That is so amazing.
    Just made it through a marathon and cannot even imagine going twice that far.
    You shock and amaze me with your dedication.