Thursday, September 26, 2013

Picture heavy post! B2B Course Sweep (PCT pictures)

Last weekend's course sweep was quite an experience. Out of tact I won't publish the gritty details, but I did encounter two women who were not prepared at all to run one inch of the course and chose to leisurely hike. This wouldn't be an issue if races weren't designed with cut-off times for reasons. I hate being the sweeper of bad news, but we were over an hour behind cut-off with almost 2 miles to go (until aid#1 mile 7.6) when there were quite a few demands for us to rescue them. Yikes. This type of behavior holds up everyone, of which, 100% are volunteers. It's unfortunate, but thankfully most trail runners are wonderful courteous people who read cut-offs and familiarize themselves with the course a little.

Corban and I had a good time though, even though the drive was a lot longer than I realized. It was nice to get away even for a few hours before he headed off to his two week long trip to England and Germany. I'm totally jealous :)
I took a lot of photos and wanted to share some of the promised ones from the Bunker to Bonneville course sweep (8/31/13) and then two that I've uploaded from this past weekend up at Cle Elum. I'll get to uploading a few more from Cle Elum next time!

The rocky trail heading towards Table Mountain

Running on these rocks was not the highlight of my run, but it was a beautiful trail!

Such a lovely place to run!

Three Corner Rock - we climbed on up that mid-race (mile 18ish)!
Deb (my fellow sweeper and running buddy) and me in front of the big ole pile of rocks!

One view from the top. We were able to see Mt Hood, Mt Adams and Mt St Helens. This is Mt Hood.

Another neat spot we ran through after coming down from 3 Corner Rock and back on the PCT.

Somewhere along the start of our descent back down to Bonneville. We ran on down to the Columbia (which you can see in the background)

Corban and I taking in the view up at Cle Elum (about 4 1/2 hours north east of Portland)

I love Washington!!

This year has been the year of exploring so many new places to run up in Washington. I still have three more Washington races that I'm really excited about. Bellingham, Deception Pass, and Baker Lake. Oregon has millions of spectacular places to run too, but Washington is a trail runners dream. Plus I don't like mountain lions and Southern Oregon running scares me a little. (Though I have read there are some in WA too!) I'll get over my fears though because next year I hope to run quite a few races that are in my lovely state.

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