Friday, September 13, 2013

2013 Fall Race Schedule

Since I didn't get to run as much as I wanted this summer I've packed my fall up. But now my race schedule is established and I'm going to do my best to play nicely and not add anything else!!

Cle Elum sweep Sept 21
Baker Lake 50k Oct 5
Autumn Leaves 50m Oct 26
Bellingham Trail Marathon Nov 10
Deception Pass 50k Dec 15

Deception Pass will be Corban's first 50k, so that's exciting! I'm hoping he'll sign up for the Bellingham Trail marathon too, since he's course sweeping as well and will have a free entry, but it's all dependent on his work schedule. We're hoping to make a trip up to BC for a mini-vacation on that trip, so I'm crossing my fingers that it works out as I've never been to BC. I'd love to finally make it to west coast canada, even if I go solo.

So back to running! I guess we should talk about the 50 miler I snuck in there, huh? I wasn't sure if my body would be ready for that distance yet, but I decided to go ahead and sign up for something that I'd have the best chance of completing. It's a flat looped course and it's mostly a paved bike path. It isn't something I'm really drawn to, but I am really wanting to push a little further and complete this distance. I want to at least try. As a 50 miler I'm taking the early start at 6am and I have 10 hours to run 7 loops of the 10k course. I'm not sure about how long we have on the 8th loop, but I'm guessing if we start it in time that we'll get a finishing time. That average pace is just a touch over 13:45. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to do this but I'm trying to remind myself that I have absolutely nothing to compare this to because I've never even run a flat road marathon. Even at my hilly road marathon pace with expected drop off in time, I am estimated to hit this cut-off, no problem, but of course you just don't know!

I'm lucky though. I have a supportive crew of people cheering me on and I have a great race buddy who I can convince to run all these stupid distances with me. Ha ha! I was telling Anise that she can be my crew manager for the 50 miler, making sure that I'm eating what I need to eat and maybe even run/walk a few miles with me and she said, "I better start training!!". I love that girl. Last night we ran 4 miles at Kelly Point Park with a 3 min run, 1 min walk ratio. I'm trying to ease her back into running slowly and we had a good time running on the paths, the beach, and the grass. I took 4 days off after the 50k to let my ankle heal, since it was pretty tender for a couple days, but it felt fine last night!

Last week the top of my calf was aching before the 50k. My sports chiro treated it (laser and some painful massage) and taped it up and it gave me no problems during the race. I took the KT tape off yesterday since it was peeling and I could feel that spot again while running! How funny. Here's why I like my sports chiro though: they advocate movement. I've seen two people at the same practice, Dr Andreys and Brad Farra, and while I appreciate both of their different approaches I think I take more to Brad's slightly more aggressive treatment. I'll continue to see him every other week or so during the next few months, but besides a few achy spots here and there (normal stuff mostly), I'm doing really well! I have been keeping my mileage low enough with enough rest in between too. So here's to a healthy fall racing season! I prefer fall weather anyway, so it all worked out okay. Bring on the rain, color changing leaves, and the wind!!

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  1. Wow. Your race schedule is crazy amazing. Two 50Ks and a 50 miler! I cannot even imagine a 50 miler that's like two marathons back to back. You are so brave and dedicated, and just plain awesome!