Friday, August 30, 2013

Long Overdue Update June - August - whew!

What I've been up since Sun Mountain in bullets:

End of May/beginning of June

*I ran a trail marathon 5 days after the 50k and developed some issues with the back of my knee
*I kept running though that and landed myself a nice injury (popliteus was inflamed, and secondary calf and hamstring strain)
*What was happening: I'd run, it'd get inflamed, I'd run though it, then the next day I couldn't walk/straighten my leg
*Two very expensive PT visits for diagnosis
*Two full weeks off of running, I started biking a little but that didn't last long (sore butt - ouch!)
*Three Acupuncture visits (covered by health care)
*A massage
*Started running again near my birthday and had a painfree mile, which was amazing!
*The week of my birthday things went back downhill :(
*And then *tada!!* I found a sports chiropractor who is covered by my insurance and does Graston, ART, K-laser, and KT tape who I started seeing once a week


*The chiro visits were going well and keeping me mobile
*I decided to keep my goal on the forest park trail marathon on August 17th, with the hopes I'd be able to get mileage back up in time
*It was like starting over again at first and everything was touch and go - the inflammation was gone but I had to chill between each run to not overdo it
*Starting ramping up mileage "safely" using a loose 10% rule at first, then increased as my body could handle
*Long runs: 7.5 miles, 10 miles, 14 trail miles
*Lots of trail time - pretty much all of my runs outside of long runs with the group were on trails
*No speedwork because it screwed with my leg, but I was feeling good! only feelings of tightness remained


*Long runs: 18 miles, 14 trail miles, trail marathon! - yay, I was able to do it!
*I even beat my trail marathon from the one back in May by a little over 10 minutes and this one had 3k worth of elevation vs 2k from May.
*Feeling good that I was able to work back up to the marathon distance so quickly, and I know it's in part because I've been working with a good sports chiro

So that brings everything up to the present. Mostly. Back at the end of July I put some faith in my healing process and reached out to a local RD. She's putting on a 50k this weekend and I asked if I could course sweep. I haven't swept a course before, but I have another course sweep in September, and I have a pretty good idea of what it entails: following the last runner (preferably not within a distance that they can see you unless they're sagging behind cut-off), collect course markings, pick up trash, and if someone needs help you help them. My friend Deb signed up for the trail marathon with me, she kicked total butt, and I worked my charms to coax her into this gig. Course sweeping is slow. It's stop and go, and I think we'll have a blast! Having company is invaluable, even though we tend to do our own thing.

So there's one more bit of bad news, then some good news. The bad news is my car ABS system is shot. At 72k miles. What the heck? I've been battling this for awhile, but it's in the shop right now. I'm saving money though by going to a different shop, and they're also fixing my brakes, so the total cost is $900. I'm not excited about this, but I'm glad that my car will be reliable and fixed. I foresee future road trips!! If my car is going to keep breaking, I better at least freaking get to use it.

Right after I found out this quote I got some good news though! Back in April I signed up for the McKenzie River 50k (Sept 7th) but didn't make the lottery. Enough people dropped and I received an email that said I could run the race if I replied immediately, so I jumped on it!

So, yeah, it's two back to back 50ks. It could seem a bit irrational to do this. I'm sure it is, considering where I was back in May/June. There are a few positive's going for me though and that's: I had almost zero pain after the forest park marathon, and this weekend will be slow. It's still 31 miles though. I've gotta respect the distance. I will promise that I'm not going to sign up for anything longer until my body is stronger though!

McKenzie River is well known and supposed to be beautiful. It was the first 50k I wanted to run. Did I mention the course is also a net downhill? Nice! It doesn't look like there are too many climbs - just smaller ones, and ultimately you end up about 1,000 feet lower than where you started, so that may just be my kind of run. This weekend could also be a good boost for next week too as long as I chill out pretty much all week. I get to run by a pretty lake, over some lava fields, and near a river. It sounds blissful!

Now my friends, you are updated! I'm bringing my camera this weekend since we'll have time for pictures and I'll do my best to blog more often & write less in an entry. The race this weekend is almost all on the PCT. A day away in the mountains sounds glorious, though this part is a little daunting:

ha ha! Wish us luck :)

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  1. I have never heard of course sweeping. learned something new today.
    So sorry about your car. I just had to put a ton of money into mine too and it sucks!