Monday, May 6, 2013

Big Sur Pictures

Life and being sick has gotten in the way of a proper review. Most people just want to see pictures, so here they are. Click on the link and then the first picture to scroll through. I wrote a very shortened recap in the captions.

4/28/13 Big Sur Marathon


  1. Crazy computer isn't letting me post a comment! I hope it works this time :) I really loved the photos and reading the blurbs. Really impressive. Accomplishing such a physical and mental feat must feel amazing. Well done!

    1. Thank you Kim!! I cannot explain how awesome it felt when I finally got to mile 22 and stopped considering a comfy ride in the bus back :-)

  2. The pictures look amazing. I really want to try that course, but am so worried after the baby hills in Nashville killed me.
    I also think it is awesome that you took pictures while running, I am not coordinated enough to do it.