Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Season - New Year!

Alright, it's been quite awhile since I've posted anything so this one will be a quick update.

I quit the running streak after 22 days of running (and 31 days of activity!) because I got bored of it. I was pretty darn proud of myself for lasting that long.

I spent a lot of time in November and December doing yoga. I discovered I really love yoga, which is helpful since I have always had a tough time wanting to regularly stick to anything other than running. I haven't been to a yoga class though since the second to last week of December. That's quite a bit of time. It's mostly due to holiday scheduling (my Monday classes were canceled) and then feeling under the weather this week. I'm in a Monday Hatha Flow class and a Yin Yoga Friday class that I really like, but coming up is a month of unlimited yoga so I may go a little nuts.

There was a race in December that I was absolutely positive that I was going to nail a PR but I didn't. I did set a PR but nothing glorious. I'm over the disappointment. I can do better and I will next time!

My official season started back up last Saturday! We started with a 6 mile run, which was cake. I'm used to fun 10+ weekend milers, so I ran 6 miles on Sunday too (though I had hoped for more, but wasn't feeling too great). This weekend is another 6, but I'm planning on 12. I think Shannon is running it with me, so yay for company!

BIG SUR!! 108 days! Excited and getting my butt in gear for the race. It feels really different training with a race in mind - especially one that sounds so spectacular. The Gorge marathon was beautiful, but I've never been to Big Sur, and the Pacific coast is always lovely, so I imagine 26.2 miles of it is going to be pretty fabulous!

I'll check in here and there along the way. Right now my main goal is to get my mileage base comfortably up to the 15 - 16 range over the next few weeks. I'm being overly cautious about injuries and cut one of the long runs (the 20 miler) out of my schedule, but I'll see how I feel in March. I'm working a lot more on focal strengthening and focusing on my feet (for once). I hope it makes a difference.

Tonight is our first track workout since last October! I've not even touched a track workout since then and really only ran a few quick intervals haphazardly here and there. We have our mile time trial, which I'm still not sure what to do with 7 months later. I know my training pace (10:30's for the marathon distance) and with that darn running calculator my coach likes to use that says my mile equivalent should be 8:07. I'll tell you right now that I'm likely not feeling an 8:07 mile tonight! The whole race time equivalent thing is helpful, but not the way I seem to interpret what my coach says about it. Whatever!
I'm just excited to hit the track :-)

I've got some other goals that I'll touch upon over the next few entries too. I hope everyone had a Happy New Year!!

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