Friday, January 11, 2013

Big Sur excitement (and plans!) plus, a promise!

These past few weeks it's been nice taking 3 running rest days a week! There's a few reasons for this (general time off, under the weather) but overall things have been positive in my world.

One thing that's developed is achy feet/ankles. I'm not really used to this and trying not to get too concerned. I have a sneaking suspicion it's linked to my tight calves and limited ROM, so for the past week I've been doing at least an hour's work of focal stretching and strengthening every day. Heel raises, calf extensions, foot massages! Lots of goodies. It's tedious but it feels good. My feet feel more relaxed.

Most of the aching started up around the beach run I did, which would make a lot of sense, as you use quite a few more muscles running on the sand! I'm not in any pain, it's just a presence. I plan to talk to my coach about this tomorrow, but I think I'm set in terms of really solid routines on correcting this. I've also been loving eposom salt foot baths! It looks a bit sad but I don't have a bathtub, just a big pot.

Another thing I did was buy insoles. I have a huge aversion to insoles. In fact, I don't even really love that I'm in a neutral shoe and would prefer to be in a more minimalist style, but until I get my legs and feet into shape with the regular strength/stretching I have no business even thinking about transitioning. I bought some blue Superfeet because I over-pronate and these insoles provide arch support and correct this. Since our Saturday runs start at a running store I'm going to have them check out my gait with the insoles in/out to get some quick feedback. The insoles are so hard but I've run quick intervals and a 4 mile run in them so far and haven't had any issues. For my 12 miles tomorrow I won't be wearing them though as I've been told to ease into them.

Yesterday I booked my ticket to San Jose for Big Sur! I found a great deal for $158 RT for the flight times on Southwest that I was looking at already so I jumped on it. I was considering the drive, but I'm happier to fly. Once I get to San Jose I am taking an Airbus ($80 RT) that will deliver me to the Marriott in Monterey mid-afternoon. Yep, I'm staying at a fancy hotel and I'm certainly paying the price for it! $550. This whole trip will be brought to you by my tax return!

The Marriott has a few good things going for it. First, it's across from street from the Expo. I'll be getting to the Expo towards the end of it but all I want is my timing chip, bib, and shirt. The hotel is completely booked, and it's booked with runners so I can enjoy the energy of others but still head back to my room. They also offer a pre-race pasta dinner. It's pricey at $20, and I'm opting to bring foods that I'm used to, but it's a nice option. I also like to carb up two days out, not much the night before. Certainly the choice to stay here was about convenience. When I signed up for everything I didn't realize I was capable of driving through a rain storm for 90 minutes after a marathon, but I'm okay with not testing my toughness this time. Luxury is a hot tub (even though they say that's a no-no) and I'll be jumping in!

If you can't tell I'm really excited about this trip!! It's a big reason why I'm taking extra time off right now and precautions on all fronts. My mileage is still in the 25 - 30 mile per week range I want it to be, I'm just running a little longer. As the season progresses I want to stay about 30mpw with a max of 40 in peak training. This is where I'm comfortable and healthy. And happy!

Finally - reader's, I've failed you. I have been reading quite a few running blogs recently and while I've known all along that pictures make a blog more interesting, I have realized that every blog I regularly follow usually has a decent amount of pictures. So I've made it a resolution to *start* making an effort to take pictures of things I'm doing. Usually I feel like reader's aren't going to be interested in my running outfit for the day, but I think it's fun to see what other people wear! I like seeing the track they run at. I like looking at dirty running shoes. So, why not? I don't run with a phone (and camera) but I'll do my best to capture some moments and hopefully the next blog will have a little more pizazz!

Here is one before/after picture of my haircut. It's not exactly new news since it's been two weeks, but not everyone has seen it! Mostly it was a trim and style as my hair is growing out but I do like it! I wear my hair back so often though that it's rare that you'll see it like this so it was important to take the picture :-)

And before I forget - my coach had us run the mile at our max effort! I wasn't expecting this and have absolutely no idea what my max effort is. I started conservative and finished at a 6:50 pace. It was awesome! Below is my first two warm up of two laps each then the mile time. Sub 8 minute mile!

I'm really proud of this time because this is without any speedwork recently at all. I also felt that I could have sustained that effort for longer, especially where my HR was at. I have my foot pod calibrated for the track so while GPS still tracks I set it to pull foot pod data for accuracy. My foot pod is neat. It also tracks your steps per minute (spm), which is called your cadence. My average cadence on that mile was 93 spm. The "goal" cadence is 90.

We proceeded to do speed intervals and I kicked it up a lot faster than last season at a comfortably hard effort. While it felt nice to run so quick, I'm going to give it a couple more Wednesdays before I start to give myself a goal time for each interval. When it warms up I have a feeling I'll be slower too. I'm really enjoying the cooler weather.

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

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