Wednesday, November 28, 2012

This is what happens when I don't blog for a few weeks!! Long update!!

I had a really wonderful Thanksgiving with Cliff, Kim, Kathy, and Jill! I took way too many pictures of our food but here are a couple. The food and company was awesome!

Pumpkin pie, chocolate pie (tip top left of photo), green bean casserole, cornbread casserole (with lots of cheese!), cranberry sauce, spinach salad, turkey, and mashed potatoes, and deviled eggs! Yum!!

Kim was really excited and wanted to eat but I made them wait so I could take pictures ;)

Post feast food coma!

On Friday, before I left to head home, I got to run around Eugene on Pre's trail! I didn't take any pictures but it's a nice bark dust trail that loops around a park (?) in Eugene. Very pretty and while chilly, it made for a nice outing! I also ended up running 5 miles on the trail, which I'm not sure how I managed since trail maps said it was only 4.

I started up a fun little challenge on Thanksgiving too! It's a running streak where you run at least one mile a day every day from Thanksgiving through New Years. I was hesitant about really jumping in because this is my downtime, but even if I take a few days 'off' and just log a slow mile that's really not a big deal and it still counts. If I start to feel like I really need to take a break though to rest up before I start marathon training I'm at peace doing so. Injury free is my goal!

Today I realized that I'm actually on day 18 of activity of at least 30 minutes a day without a day off. This isn't the running streak, just activity like running and cross-training. On Thanksgiving I only ran 18 minutes so I guess that is one day that was less than the 30 minutes. I have a feeling it averages out to about 45 min to an hour a day though because I've been hitting a lot of yoga classes. I'm pretty surprised at how great I feel! Yoga is not easy but it's been a good complement to running. The stretching and ROM gained in the past 3 weeks have made a difference.

I'm on day #10 of a running streak, but technically it's only #7 of the challenge. I kept thinking that my family was going to think I was nuts for doing this but I realized you all think I'm nuts anyway.

I've been keeping up with my longer runs on the weekends. The girls from my running group this Summer and I have been meeting up for 10+ miles. It is nice to keep the base. The distance isn't the part that is challenging for me, it's the time. I hope that someday I can squirrel away 2 hours to tackle a longer run on my own just to see what it feels like. As such a new runner I really haven't experienced a steady, long run yet. I've gone out and done 11 miles on my own but there was a lot of walking. This was last summer and it's pretty different now! I checked how many miles I've run this year w/my watch and I'm almost at 700. Holy smokes, that's a lot!

Last night was really exciting because I ran 5 1/2 miles with a steady 9:20/min mile pace! I don't usually stop during my shorter runs unless I encounter a light, a quick sip of water at a fountain, or maybe to use the curb or a step for a quick calf extension, but I lucked out last night and kept on past the lights and didn't stop until mile 4 for a super quick stretch. Then I kept on going and finished strong with an 8:40ish min pace. The reason why this was so exciting was because it was a steady run w/a consistent pace except for the boost at the end. Usually I hit this pace on a progression run (where you get faster as each mile goes by) but to hold it was sweet! I had my watch light on so I could check the pace when it buzzed at me for each mile, but I wasn't aiming for anything except comfort. I guess my body just clicked and stayed in that range because it was comfortable. Heart rate doesn't lie either. Once it peaked it stayed steady in Zone 3. How cool is that?!

I love progress. I also am loving the 40F temps and running at night. Don't worry, I wear a reflective vest or jacket, headlamp and a blinking red light on my back. Here is a pic of me last night before I put on my light jacket. It's a silly one but I realized I didn't include any pictures of me in this post so here you go!

So I suppose life has been really positive and uplifting! I haven't gone back to Crossfit yet. I will eventually. Yoga has just been really great and my main goal was to find cross training I loved (that I could afford). That pass covers both Crossfit and Yoga, but Yoga won for now. I'm going to a place that is pretty darn amazing! I tried out a Nia class. It was really intense and overwhelming. I also was incredibly self-conscious and felt awkward stumbling over my feet but this whole story is for another blog post! I'm going to give another instructor a try, likely tomorrow, so we will see how that goes. I shall report back!

I hope everyone else had a wonderful holiday! Stay safe and warm!!


  1. Oh man that is honestly the worst photo of me ever. Nice head lamp :)

  2. Haha, it's not that great but you didn't exactly pose very sexy either. I can delete it though if you want! Just say the word!