Thursday, September 13, 2012

Summer heat and into the mind of a runner

7pm and it's still 84F. In the Pacific Northwest the temperatures peak later in the day. I've learned that if a forecast says it should be 90F that day that the thermometer won't hit even close until 3pm and usually will peak at about 5. Some people are better at running in the heat than others, but I'm definitely a big heat wuss. I like 50 degrees, but I'll run in 70 semi-comfortably if it's not sunny.

Last night was a track night so I already had my fair share of hot weather running for the week so it looks like tonight's a bust. I've had a stressful week (work and my car deciding it needed an expensive new radiator) so I'll be thankful when I get a little bit of a breather this weekend.

Tonight though I really wanted to run. Besides it being a normal running day, last night just didn't go very well. It was a long track workout and I got 5 miles in with some speed intervals, but my body felt super awkward. I was like the kid at gym practice who runs into the dodgeball by mistake and gets herself thrown out. I think the best way to explain it in non-joking terms is, my body just felt out of alignment. I have a feeling a trip to the chiropractor would benefit me so I may try to get in there tomorrow.

So, I've already given up on tonight. At 6:50 when I looked at the temp I knew that I just wasn't going to have enough time to run where I wanted to run (15 min drive over) before the sun went down. It sets pretty early now and I want to get about an hour of solid running in if I can, which is about 6 miles, give or take. When you only have XX number of running clothes and 1 laundry day a week you find yourself getting stingy on the quick runs. I love going out there for a couple miles, but only if I know my good clothes are still clean for the longer runs. This weekend is shaping up to be hopefully a couple solid days of long/medium length runs so that's nice to look forward to.

If I can drag myself out of bed early enough tomorrow I'll get a run in, but I'm gonna be honest, I SUCK at waking up before 7am for a run. I don't know how people get up at 5am. Discipline? I don't know... it sounds like torture to me. I like my sleep. Even if I fall asleep tonight before 10, waking up at 6 to do anything but pee and go back to bed is pretty unlikely. I will sleep until 8am, maybe even 8:30 if I can get away with it.

Oddly enough though waking up early on the weekends for running is way easier. I'm guessing it's because I don't have to coordinate a shower so I don't offend my coworkers. Plus the sitting at a desk part all day answering emails to grumpy people about money is kind of a good mood killer. On weekends I can get a nice run in, head home, eat a delicious lunch and then nap or chill out for a few hours before anything socially exciting may happen.

Tomorrow night is out for a run because Saturday morning I'm running with the group. I'm still really undecided on what distance I want to run and at what pace. I guess I'll let my body on Saturday tell me what I'm feeling like doing. It's unlikely I'll go the 22 miles because I didn't do the 20. It's probably more likely that I'll run about 12 with 6 at a slower pace and the last 6 faster (as the last 6 will be on my own). It would be good training! It would also mean Sunday's chances of a nice 7 miler or so are a lot better.

So there you go - that's a peek into the mind of a runner. Well, at least this one. We pretty much think about running a lot. We see trails or nice shaded roads and make a mental note to come back and run them. We're usually thinking about our future runs. Sometimes we're feeling a bit guilty for skipping one. This is completely normal. Think about something you really love to do. Heck, I can even compare it to religion. It's really not that different. You may say a prayer every night at dinner before you eat or every night before you go to sleep... but one night you were rushed at dinner or drank too many glasses of scotch before bed and passed out. Those feelings of guilt are very similar to the feelings of someone who hasn't stuck to their exercise schedule. Even if it's for a fairly valid reason, it's just how it works. We just make sure we'll make it up tomorrow or have a couple super awesome runs over the weekend. Or we will learn to let it go. And that's okay too. When you embark on a 20 week program of doing anything 4-5 days a week it just kind of sticks. But it's a good kind of stick.

All in all though it's probably better I didn't make it out tonight. While I could have used the stress killer I am pretty sore today. I haven't been sore in awhile, so that's reason #12 for why I know my body is out of alignment. I think I'll get some nice stretching in and a quick yoga video or two on youtube. I should probably make a date with the foam roller. I've been avoiding him for awhile; we have a volatile love/hate relationship. I do all the work anyway! Typical. (Of course my foam roller is male. That thing inflicts pain! Haha)

Hopefully after my season is done I'll come back around with some more exciting updates. Not really sure what though! I don't plan to stop running but I may cut down a little bit on mileage for a few months and might pick up hiking again. I like where I'm at now in terms of miles/week but it's always good to rest too! Nothing crazy though - you all are pretty much stuck with hearing about this for a long time. C'est la vie! At least I don't smoke crack. :P

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  1. I;m totally impressed with you keeping to the schedule so much. I was doing a pretty good job with exercising until I got my job. In the four months since I started work I have gain10lbs. Whoops! Apparently I don't know how to lead a balanced life. Anyways...that is why I'm really excited for you to be sticking with it. It gives me hope that one day 9hopefully soon) I will be able to work and work out. Also, I'm happy you don't smoke crack.