Saturday, September 1, 2012

Lacamas Lake Photo & Quick Update

Oh - and before I forget! I actually bought a race photo for once because it was on sale. (It was still $23). This is from my Lacamas Lake 1/2 back in July. Between mile 9-10, running a steady 10:15-ish pace.

I'm a happy runner! I did see the photographer on this one but I didn't slow down. I think I've just started to master the race photo.

Today was another 18-miler. It turned out to be a little over 17 1/2, but we ran two big hills. The second was the toughest as it was close to a 200 foot climb over about 3/4 of a mile. I was pretty sore but I did my normal post-long-run thing where I buy a really delicious sandwich, something sweet (this time it was a jamba juice protein smoothie), come back home, watch some netflix, and nap for a bit. Wake up feeling pretty stiff/sore, put on compression socks (I should remember to do this before napping!) and then I slowly start to roll out my muscles on the foam roller. I'll keep the socks on and roll out my muscles again once more before bed, which will come early tonight.

Last time I went out to a show and danced a little then walked around my neighborhood at night (it's safe), but I'm warm and cozy in my bed right now. Tomorrow I'll probably wake up early-ish and depending on how I'll feel I'll probably consider a slow recovery run to work out the lactic acid. I've been responding really well to recovery runs, but since they aren't on the schedule my coach has told me it'd be good to sit one out a month although he agrees that it's really great I'm doing so well.

Our next 3 weeks are 20, 22, 22 miles. I started to question what I was going to do after the 22's. I also started to question whether I wanted to even bother running two 22's. I guess I will see when I get there. It also depends on where we're running. I do not want to run 22 miles in Forest Park on those hills. We can (and we will) run up Vista again, which is super tough, but the up's and downs of Forest Park would be too much for me I think!

Time for me to settle on in and get some sleep soon! Hopefully this week I'll be able to meet up with Aundria and get in some rock climbing. I've missed it the past two weeks. I also really miss her! She's been on vacation and is back now - yay!

My cats are snuggling at the end of my bed. D'aww, they're too darn cute. Maybe it's already bedtime. *yawn*

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