Friday, August 24, 2012

Traveling tomorrow - Eugene!

Tomorrow morning I'll wake up and start to pack a few things for my trip to Eugene. I'm getting pretty excited about running this race again because this time I really feel like I am going to shine. Oh goodness, I really hope so! My training is paying off, it really is and I'm trying to overcome these nerves and that big number TEN as in, running under 10 minute miles for an entire race. It's just a number that I'm caught up on that seems daunting.

I can do it, I've been hitting the track for speed work at consistent sub-8 miles. Of course those are much shorter sets, but that plus all my distance training, and hill runs on the weekdays have prepared me. I've got a month of solid training in since my last half marathon and that one was hilly. I've been training at very long distances recently. I've run a 14 1/2, 15.3 and an 18.2 miler now. The 18 miles was at an 11 minute pace and it was difficult on the last few miles, but I did it. 13 miles isn't scary to me anymore, it's just the pace that I'm trying to master.

I've been considering bringing my ipod for this race even though I haven't run with music in over a year. It may end up in my pocket anyway, but the ironic thing is, even though I don't run with music, when I did, my 5k races were some of the fastest I've run. I have an old running mix that I forgot I had and it's pretty great! I miss music, but I also really like hearing people cheer and talking to fellow race mates. I'll be running with the 2 hour 10 minute pace group. Even with only one ear bud in, I start to feel overwhelmed. I need a little fancy bluetooth headphone thing that I can shut off easily but listen to when I want/need a push.

I'm feeling a little down tonight I guess. I had a tough week with a lot of things. I've only run 8 miles, but this week is a lower mileage week for us (the group is only running 10 tomorrow since our 18 miler was a bit push last week). I also had the pleasure of spending $340 to fix the master brake cylinder on my car, when it turns out that wasn't even the main issue. The brakes work but they aren't great and I'm not about to go spend more money on a car shop that can't even tell me what's wrong. It's safe enough to drive, but it feels a little scary since I've not had any brake issues beyond fixing brake pads or replacing rotors. My landlord is going out of town for a week and I'm taking care of her animals (which includes letting a dog out twice a day). I was kind of hoping for a larger rent credit than $50 (she offered $40) but I'll take anything. It's not a ton of work or anything and I like her pets and helping out, but I do kind of have to amend my schedule a little bit to take care of the doggie. Oh well, a rent credit is a rent credit!

I'm hoping to get stuff together and work out a smarter budget for the upcoming months! I hate that money gets me so down but man, I just seem to have bad luck with electronics/cars/etc. I need to upgrade my phone but the cost of that is so ridiculous. I don't need something super fancy, but if I'm paying for a data plan I would like a phone that has a few fancy applications at least. My garmin is starting to die so fast now that after last week's 3 1/2 hour run it gave me a low battery warning (15%). It won't last for our 22 mile runs, so I'm hoping to upgrade before then and just carry my phone w/a GPS running app.

The good news though is that I haven't had any more abdominal pain. That was so weird and kind of scary. My knee has been pretty good recently, which makes me feel better too. I had some super awful headache yesterday but I think it was just stress related and I felt a lot better today! I'm trying to type and blab on in the hopes that I get tired, but I'm feeling kind of wired. I may not actually sleep much tomorrow night since I'm so nervous (ahhh, why??) so I've got to get to sleep here soon so I can try and get in a good 10 hours.

So you know those pictures I've referenced taking weekly? well I finally got around to really looking at them. I cropped/organized and put them all in order so I could compare the weeks. When you compare the first weeks picture to now it's pretty cool to see the difference. The funny thing is I'm only about 3lbs lighter but I look like I've lost quite a bit. In reality I've just toned up a lot, gained a bit of muscle and lost some thigh and stomach mass. My acupuncturist, who hadn't seen me for a month commented that I've trimmed down quite a bit too. It's nice when people notice! Before I started this training program I didn't weigh any more than what I did last summer, but it's pretty amazing how bodies change over time with some discipline and regular exercise. I'm happy to send the picture comparisons if you're interested but I'm not posting it here. :)

Well - I suppose I've gone on long enough! I'm going to finish my playlist and if I don't listen to it during the race it'll be good warm-up music! It's likely I won't change my race routine and use it, but sometimes I think about it. Especially when I get to doing longer runs on my own.. I may just have to use it sometimes! Time for sleep! I'm charging up the camera now and will do what I can to get a picture or two! (Yes, I know I owe you a lot from CLR too. I need to learn to not take a hundred pictures, because then it feels too overwhelming to figure out which ones to post because so many are awesome! That whole area was just gorgeous. I'll probably just upload a bunch to a picasa album or something to sort that all out!)

By the way, if you'd like to sign up to get an email about my race time when it comes in you can sign up here:

It's kind of a neat service. Usually it updates a few hours after the race, but it will update before I post my next blog! I've seen it mess up and send out the gun time though and not chip time - chip time is the time you actually cross the start/finish - but hopefully they've fixed that bug!

As said before, I'm going to do my best to aim for 2 hours and 10 minutes but I'm trying not to invest too much in this goal just yet since I still have 6 more weeks of training left before the *goal* race. The cool thing though is that if I make this time it would mean I'd set a personal best by 7 minutes and set a course personal best by over 21 minutes! It's a lofty goal but I think I can at least cut a few minutes off at the least. Trying to keep the good nerves in and the bad ones with the doubting self-talk out! Wish me luck!!


  1. I just popped on to catch up on some blogs and since I can relate to a few things here, I thought I'd drop a note.
    You did so great at the race! Your hard work is very inspiring. I am still in a bit of a running rut & reading about your training runs keeps me thinking that I WILL get there too.

    I can relate to car/electronics issues since I lost out on the chance for a great overseas vacation because my transmission died in my old car. Very frustrating.
    As for the phone/GPS issue, we need put a rush order on BIA!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    1. Aww, I know!! I really can't wait for the Bia! I've got to figure out something fast though since I'm hitting a 20 miler in 2 weeks and it's unlikely my watch is going to make it through that whole run. Such a bummer!

      I'm sorry to hear about the car transmission! I had to replace the clutch in my car last year which was just another bad luck car thing. Darn cars!!

      I hope you find a way out of your rut soon! I used to post here a lot more but since I've found all you guys on daily mile I find that I wax poetic there more often and get my fill :) I do want to get back to blogging at least twice a week though - maybe short ones - as it's nice for me to look back too and read.

      It seems a lot of people are hitting ruts right now in training. Maybe because it's still far enough out from their bigger races but enough into training that it's feeling a bit monotonous. I'm trying hard to change things up (which will be a post - since it's a new schedule for me!) Thanks for commenting!