Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Things to do the night before leaving for a 2 day relay

I've been pretty organized and thorough with my packing, which has me pretty proud since so much of this was last minute. One thing I didn't get around to doing was making homemade granola bars, which are super easy to make but I went to three stores for other supplies and decided to bail. It seems like it's a fend for yourself type of situation and while it would be nice to bring everyone granola, I'm bringing at least a pound of really good beef jerky, ginger snaps, snickers, pb&j sandwiches, apples, bananas, grapes, luna and mojo bars, clif shot bloks, ignite energy gels, ultima electrolyte mix, pretzel pieces and some trail mix. I think that's quite a bit of food already and even though I'm not leaving until about 1pm tomorrow, quite frankly, I'm just tired. I'll have more than enough of most of those things to offer others in my van. I don't even KNOW the other people in my van except their first names.

The food listed above is also just van snack stuff, there are quite a few options around for food, but I am going to be avoiding fast food. Buying the snickers bars and even luna bars today kind of had me cringe a little but they were inexpensive and even if they're melted, I bet a snickers would taste pretty good after a long run. I haven't had a snickers in years! Don't worry, I'll keep myself fed and fueled. I like to run smart but not heavy. They always warn about eating fibrous foods but that is what my body needs to be normal so I never listen and eat a lot of salad and veggies beforehand. I am always okay.

Here's a funny thing - I was actually given a spot in Van #1 which I found out late last night in an email. I asked for the spot so I felt bad asking to switch but when I found out the team leader is bringing his dog and I think I would be in a van with all guys (sounded like guy names!) who all run much faster than me I felt like I should switch. Van #2 has two ladies and even if he switches out with one there will still be another female. I kind of want some feminine energy on this trip too. I think we may be a slower van, but that is okay by me!

I don't know if we have a van "leader" or how we are picking legs, I only know what Van #1 is doing. I've picked my first and second choices and I'm kind of hoping I can just run those and the others can pick their routes at random or whatever they want to do. My first choice are listed as more difficult (also 18.9 miles total) so I can't imagine I'm going to be met with a lot of resistance. I picked them in order so I would be runner #9. This means I'd run leg #9, 21, and 33. I picked this because even though it's difficult the first one looks the hardest and I would like to get that one covered first. The distances covered are also in descending order.

Van #2 has a couple easy options to start as our first leg and I guess it could make sense to do an easy route first to acclimate yourself, but after being at elevation for close to 15 hours before I run, I'd prefer to just tackle the hardest one out of the box and not be running a super hard route later on.

We'll see it it works out. My second choice is 15.4 miles and easier but not the easiest by any means. That would be runner #11 (leg #11, 23, and 35). I do know what legs I do not want to run. I wonder how organized or preferential other people are going to be. See, I have a lot of questions but I'm not really that worried. I'm just trying to be as prepared as I can be!

Tomorrow the only thing I need to buy is bulk stuff for trail mix, fruit, water jugs, and hardcore bug spray. They said buy the stuff with DEET because the bugs are huge. I may also buy some anti-bloating medicine. Maybe that is TMI, but traveling upsets my stomach and no one needs to be bloated and running. I need to find my headlamp for the night run. I have to gather my tent, sleeping bag and mat but they are all in my big closet. I've got to remember my shower bag, a small towel for how gross and sweaty I will inevitably get and a bigger towel for shower access, which we have at some point after our second leg I believe. Certainly there is a bit left for me to do, but it's nice to have about 3-5 hours tomorrow, depending on how late I sleep. I'm going to try to sleep 10 hours tonight.

So I'm pretty darn excited! I didn't expect I would be posting another blog before I left but it was a little too early to sleep and I had packed most of what I wanted to get together tonight. After studying the legs today I feel a lot better but I am very nervous running at elevation. I'm also pretty nervous about the dry heat but only because I am not fond of any heat. My teammates will certainly help with motivation and my gut says I made the right choice switching to Van 2 even though I ultimately wanted a spot in Van 1. Ironically, I do know one of the guys in Van 1 because he is one of the faster pacer for the GFLF group. He doesn't show up every week and he might recognize me, but I haven't officially met or talked to him much.

It looks like it's time for me to head to bed as the final kitty just jumped up on my bed for sleep! I've trained my cats well ;) I am bringing my netbook with me but only so I can charge my phone (although it will be off) and more importantly, my Garmin. It's pretty unlikely that I will be reachable though until Sunday after I leave here tomorrow so I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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