Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Race results and the next 6 weeks of training

My race went really well! I ran in 2 hours 11 minutes and 13 seconds. I've still got at least a minute to cut off to get to my goal time, but that's only seconds off each mile and totally doable. The course was USATF certified, but I clocked at 13.16 miles. The course was right, but it just means I didn't run it as efficiently as I could. Oh, I know, .5 of a mile, right? But it's one reason why smart athletes run the tangents. That .5 of a mile was 30 seconds. I'm not exactly concerned, I'm not setting any records here, but it's something I do think about trying to work on when I'm on certified courses. (Certified courses are measured on the shortest possible route line)

Post race I got myself a free massage this year! I also didn't have to wait very long either. I'll admit, I took like 5 yummy granola bars home from the food table because they had a ton and I didn't get anything last year. Actually, I think I missed the food table all together last year, but that's probably better because I got pretty sick after. The best thing was I didn't feel sick or any stomach aches or anything after this race and I ran 6 minutes faster than my last half, which is somewhere around 25 second faster on avg per mile - pretty cool!

I was kind of disappointed that I didn't get to see Kim or Cliff. I did want to leave after the race because Anise is back (yay!!) but I had hoped to at least pop in for a quick visit. Her dad was visiting so I knew a longer visit probably wouldn't work out. There was already some miscommunications on me staying with them so I got a hotel and then at like 3:30 when I got to Eugene I got a message from Kim basically saying, "good luck, sorry we can't see you, we're busy". Oh well. I just stayed in my hotel room watching netflix and took it easy.

I'm starting to feel ready to pick up my pace a bit during my weekday runs. I've always been running Monday/Thursday runs at a pretty comfortable pace. Sometimes that means I'm running a few faster miles, or a quicker pace all together and other times I'm just feeling like running a little slower. Because I want to work on getting faster my coach suggested running a 3-5 mile run about 25 seconds faster than my target race pace, and a 6-8 mile run close to my race pace. Right now that target pace is 9:55/min miles. I'll take it slow, but I think this will help boost my confidence a little and also speed up some of my training.

I've been doing really well keeping away the injuries and being cautious. The good thing about this shift is it's something to keep me challenged, but it's also something I can choose to back off from if it's too much. My main goal is to keep consistently training, stay injury free, motivated and HAPPY. I know what a rut feels like and I know they'll come and go, but since things have been coming together for me, I don't feel nearly as much like I'm going to land in rut-land if I keep it interesting. Goals and races are important to me because they give me something to focus on. I'm like that way with normal non-running related things too.

So, for now I've got a little bit of a different schedule than what's emailed to me every day, but as our training has gone on I've been less on point with that schedule anyway. I'm following it, but if I switch a day or run on a non-running day because I'm feeling good and feeling like running, it is not the end of the world. Basically, I've just chilled the eff out on my schedule and instead of scheduling runs they just feel like another part of my day. It's been like this for a bit now, but it's kind of neat when I start to realize it. I've been hitting consistent 30+ mile weeks (except race weeks) and it's good/comfortable.

I haven't really been talking much about other life stuff like I was before, because my life really isn't doing much. Not much has changed and any stuff that may be bringing me down starts to lift when I think about hitting the trails. It sounds totally cheesy, but I guess I'm just really in a good headspace with it all and I'm not willing to give that up right now. My job has been really freaking stressful (and I know I could look for another one) but I'd rather just run it off. In a way I feel a little isolated from a lot of people, but I guess that's another oh well.

Onward and upward! I keep getting to bed too late so I'm pretty sleepy. Track night tomorrow!

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