Monday, August 6, 2012

CLR and Week #12!

My weekend was really wonderful. I'm working on a blog post with pictures and details about the relay. I met some fun people, took in beautiful scenery, and ran pretty well overall! I'm happy with how I did as realized I averaged a 10 minute pace or faster once I sat down and uploaded all my Garmin data. My last run was slower but it was definitely a mental breakdown at mile 2 where I walked for a minute because oh my gosh, the heat was brutal.

All those pictures are on my home computer so I should get an update up sometime soon! I only have picture of my van members though, so I'm a little sad about that. I'm sure others will pop up here and there though.

Right now I'm back at work with no motivation to read the 60 emails I've received. I've been trudging through them though, but I needed to take a break. I'm thinking about how I really wanted to tackle Wildwood before it got too hot tonight, but even later it should still be fairly cool in Forest Park. Unfortunately, I'm stuck here and then doing other non-fun adult things like laundry and a little bit of work tonight. I have some running clothes with me in case I can get a couple quick miles in, but I can't do anything longer as it'll be too warm and I loaned out my water belt for the last unsupported leg of the race and it came back to me very, very sweaty. It's getting washed tonight thankfully!!

I think I need to take a bank deposit in tonight though so it's looking like today will be cross-training. This translates to: I'll make a weak attempt at some yoga, do some strength training exercises and love on my foam roller for an hour or so. Laundry night kind of hinders much productivity since I don't have my own washer/dryer. The good thing is 80% of my laundry is running gear, which I lay around to dry, so it shouldn't take too long.

I felt pretty great yesterday and if it wasn't over 90 degrees I may have considered going for a nice recovery run. If I can get everything done tonight and get enough sleep I'll hopefully be able to get in a nice early run tomorrow then hit up the climbing gym after work. I ordered a new pair of climbing shoes as my oldest pair has been beyond worn for way too long and my second pair just hurt my feet too much. Sierra Trading Post was a risk since it's ordering online, but the shoes I bought (5.10's - Fox) feel like the right size and fit. They were so inexpensive online vs elsewhere. They're less technical than the Katana's (the ones that hurt) but since running is my main activity I'd prefer to not completely kill my feet in my climbing shoes.

This morning I got our weekly training update email and realized I'm in Week #12 of training! It kind of makes me sad that we will be finished in 8 weeks because I've had such a great time, but there are other programs from local running stores that host Saturday or Sunday runs for free so I'll join up with them. Running has become a lot more of a social event for me and I want to keep it that way. I'll miss track night but I have a pretty solid idea now of what I'm capable of and what I can do to stay on track until the program starts up again late January.

Every 4th week is a cut-back week so today's run was supposed to be a 30 minute recovery run. I ran quite a bit less miles last week since I only ran about 5 miles on Monday and then about 17 total between Friday night and Saturday afternoon. I had some reminders about quality over quantity though, and I know I had some pretty awesome quality miles and a lot of fun so I'm not really that concerned. I haven't listened to the past two cut-back weeks because I've been training for races during this program and wanted to be up to speed, but I have no good reason to not listen this week :)

Today is only supposed to be a 30 minute recovery run. It's funny how short that seems. I've kind of surpassed the half marathon training group but I'm not quite at the full marathon group either. It's nice to go with what I feel I can work into my schedule and feels good. I already know that Saturday's long run up Vista is somewhere around 15 or 16 miles and that plus track night and a couple shorter runs this week will still mean I've got a pretty solid week. I'm looking forward to this run quite a bit even though I know it's going to be incredibly difficult. I'm not entirely sure I want to look at the elevation profile quite yet.

Well, it looks like I've procrastinated some of these emails long enough! A nice mid-day break to get some of this out helps. I'll post soon on my weekend and just wanted to let everyone know I'm back, alive and had a great time!!

Now it's time to get myself back to work!

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