Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sauvie Island Half quick update!

I took a lot of fun photos (not so much of the race since I was running) but a friend of mine took a couple of me too I do want to post, so I am just here to report that the race went really well. Details later!

I feel pretty great today. In fact, I woke up at 7am because the 4am wake-up the previous day kind of screwed up my system! I would like to go back to sleep though, I took the day off but I don't really have much to do and I'm starting to feel restless so I have no idea how I will busy myself today!

The lettuce and mixed greens in my garden barrels is super close to being harvested. I could pull it now but I have some greens already and don't want to waste happy barrel greens. I need to start some seeds of the mixed greens and buy more lettuce starts because an empty barrel would be sad.

I will post updated garden pictures soon! Everything is looking great and growing big! I found some mold growing on the inside of the herb barrel which is unfortunate. It's under the soil level. I read about spraying down the barrels with vinegar before filling them, but they all seemed fine. It's not a lot of mold, but it's discouraging, especially since all I had to do was buy some 99 cent apple cider vinegar! You live and you learn. I'll monitor it and figure out something.

My landlord called me at midnight last night to tell me my inside car light was on, which was really nice of her. It was a miracle I was still awake though! She also said they are going camping from today to mid-day Saturday so I am thrilled. It's like I have a whole big house to myself, even though I live in the basement. The door is unlocked though so I can do some laundry.

I managed not to say too much about my race so the post on it will be super (and I will be motivated to write it)!!

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