Tuesday, July 31, 2012

General Update - Week #11 of training

I have a bit to write about so I'm going to write two separate entries. This first one will be a general update and the second one is going to be more exciting because it's about my upcoming weekend!

Last week's track night was hill repeats and it was pretty tough. I managed to get 9 in before coach called time. My watch showed that it was just shy of a 1/4 of a mile for each up/down set. I think I did pretty well, as my times up the hill pushing it were 7:45 - 8:30 minute miles and the time down was between 8:00 on the speedy downhills and about 10:30 on the slow recoveries (even and odds).

Thursday morning I went for a run in Forest Park before work. I was supposed to stick to a flat route so I picked the Leif Erikson trail from Germantown road, but it turns out that there was a bit more elevation than I remembered. I think in the 4 miles I covered close to 300 feet. I know I was pretty tired from track night so while my pace wasn't too slow (a little over 10/min) I was hoping to run quicker.

Saturday was my longest run yet. I'm in new territory as each week it will be progressively longer, which is kind of exciting. Our route started at Fit Right (the running store) and went up Thurman hill to the Leif Erikson gate (this is from the end of the trail) and up to mile marker 5.5 then back. Total route came to about 14.3 miles. The first half is almost all uphill. There are some parts on the trail where it evens out and others where it's pretty steep. Total elevation gain on that run was close to 900 feet. I ran up around 11:30 pace (11 on flatter parts) and down about a 10:15 minute pace. This is the long, slow run and I hit about 10:50 average, which is faster than I should be training, but I felt good.

Saturday night I got to see the whole Lyddane clan and it was great! I wish I could see them more. I realized that it had been a really long time since I had seen my Aunt Trisha or Uncle Tim! I am sad that I won't be seeing them again on this trip, but I hope they all have a great trip. We had an awesome dinner full of delicious Lebanese food and it was a short and sweet visit.

I recovered from the run pretty quick and went for a recovery run with a friend on Sunday. We ran a little faster than recovery pace and a little further than I meant to go but I felt good. We went 3 1/2 miles.

On Monday I ran with a friend again on Wildwood and a sprint up a hill (Old Sprinville Rd) for what turned out to be 4.7 miles. I'm not sure what happened but I somehow hurt my left knee (the "bad" one) at the very, very end of the trail and it was pretty darn sore last night. I elevated, iced it and took an ibuprofen and figured I'd see how I felt this morning. I needed to figure that out because of the cool and exciting thing I'm going to talk about in my next entry!

From Sat-Mon I ran 22.5 miles and besides the knee thing (I'll give it away, I'm going to be ok!) I feel really, really good. My recovery time is seriously awesome now. I love it! Alright, now it's time to start writing the post about my upcoming weekend! This post was more about getting it all down for myself, but also to keep you all updated too!

I've also joined dailymile, which is a website where you log your workouts and your friends will post comments, tips and just general "you are awesome" comments. I love the positivity. Everyone seems very friendly and most of the people are motivating and inspiring in their own ways. I've spent the past couple weeks on there making friends and I know they are a bit more interested in hearing the details, so that's another reason why I haven't been posting in great detail :)

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