Sunday, July 1, 2012

Birthday Celebration and Tapering

Last week I sent out an email to a small handful of people asking them to join me on Saturday for some drinks/dancing. Apparently a week is way too short a notice for most people, haha! Whoops. I still had a lot of fun with my best friend, Aundria. I settled on a bar that I used to go to but since I haven't gone out in ages I had no idea if it was even okay anymore -- it was. Or at least after the many drinks I consumed I loved it.

I am a rare drinker. In fact, this year I've had three occasions where I've been drinking and that seems like a lot compared to the last year. All three of those were very justifiable happy occasions (bachelorette party, friends bday, my bday). There's nothing wrong with drinking a little but it's just not really my thing and I feel slightly less good about myself after a night of drinking. Honestly, I'm just a wholesome, healthy person now. What have I become? Haha!

So, I'm officially 29. It's not really that exciting because I know 30 is the "big year" and 29 doesn't really feel much more than 28. I rather liked being 28 actually. Just the age is a good age because it adds up to 1 and I like the number 1. I don't really buy into numerology that much but I am a 1 and I think that's cool so I do weird OCD things like program my alarm clock to wake me up at a time that adds up to 1. Maybe I am a little weird.

Alright, back to running stuff. Wednesday's track night went well and I pushed myself pretty hard. My coach has this little spreadsheet with paces we should be able to run at in order to reach our "goal" half marathon time. Well, I love spreadsheets and numbers and you can be sure I was on target with every.single.split. Like, right on target. I know I'm not supposed to be at my goal speed yet, but I sure am practicing everything I need to practice in order to get there. It's not that lofty of a goal really --a 2 hour and 10 minute half marathon, which is only a few seconds shy of a 10 minute pace.

Thursday I bonked on my 4 mile run and only ran 2.25 miles, but originally I thought I had only gone 2, so the extra 1/4 mile made me feel a little better. There is this satellite (well, probably multiple ones) that my Garmin picks up outside my house that is always wrong. My first mile always seem longer and I can't quite figure out what is going on until I look at the mapped route. I went back and mapped all my routes from my house on a website and the distance is almost always 1/4 of a mile longer than what Mr Garmin says. This has never happened before and it's really annoying.

Saturday I ran with a partner instead of the group because the group was doing the really big hill run up to Forest Park again. I wanted to do something flat and my coach advised me to run 5 miles to taper for my half on Wednesday. Well, the route yesterday was certainly not flat. It was pretty and I set our pace faster than what my long runs should be at (10:58 - 11:58 according to the amazing spreadsheet) but I set this pace before I realized the (paved) trail had some rolling hills and climbs. The pace I set was 10:45 - 11 minutes/mile but overall we actually ran it at 10:46. I was proud of myself even though I felt like I might kill my running partner who told me it was flat. I know hills are good and it's not like they were massive, but 5 miles with some elevation gain is equal to more than 5 miles flat. I will go back there and run though because it would be really good to do on a non-tapering week.

I'm nervous about Wednesday. I'm wondering how I will do and even though I told myself I wasn't going to set a goal, I am thinking about maybe setting something just to aim for it. I'm just not sure what. I know that I am in SO much better shape than when I ran the Eugene Women's Half last year and that time was 2:31, but for some reason 2 hours and 30 minutes sounds comfortable and good to me. There will be pacers and I think I will run with the 2:20 pacer and if I drop back, I drop back. 2:20 would be a 10:41 pace and on a flat course that sounds do-able. But a 2:30 time is still commendable at an 11:27 pace. 2:30 sounds slow to me because I know a lot of people that run a lot faster but I have to stop thinking about them because they've been running/training for so much longer than me.

Alright. Enough rambling. Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes!

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