Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Week #6 update

I woke up yesterday with a really killer headache (but not a migraine) so I wasn't able to get my morning run in which bummed me out. I made plans to run later with someone who is a bit faster than me but I also know that just because this person is faster, I am currently capable of running for longer than I ever have so really it shouldn't matter what my speed is. My run yesterday wasn't a speed run anyway, but it turned into a faster pace than what I had planned.

The run was a strength training run with 5 hill repeats in the middle.
1 mile warm up
5 hill repeats at 90%
1 mile cool down
Total: <3 miles

Our modified workout:
.5 Walk
2 mile run
5 hill repeats (.6 mile)
1.5 run
.75 walk
Total = 5.4 (with a little over 4 miles of running)

So what I ran actually was a little more than I was supposed to run, but that's okay! We ran most of the run at an average 10:10 pace.

Tonight is cross-training and I think I'm going to get an easy bike ride in. I'm a little sore from the hills but nothing that some riding, strength exercises and stretching won't help!

Tomorrow is track night and we're starting off by doing 4 x 800 repeats at 90%. I hate 800's. To be fair, I dislike 1200's even more. I don't like having to keep count. One lap and 4 laps are programmed in my head, but 2 and 3 just throw me off. Trying to do any sort of math in my adrenaline runners brain doesn't work and our coach has us try to keep even splits and that requires my brain to do math. The track I run on has a big timer but it isn't helpful for me when I'm on the other side of the track and trying to make sure I'm at the same pace so I use my watch a lot. We have some weird instructions for our workout tomorrow so I'm going to try to look at it tonight and figure it out so I don't have to do any math tomorrow.

I have a 4 mile run on my birthday and normally I'd want to take my birthday off, but running doesn't feel as torturous anymore so I'm excited about it. Okay, running was never torturous, but I surely lacked motivation and an excuse for a day off was fine by me. I'm not sure when I'll get my run in though unless I wake up super early! Thankfully it is only 4 miles and if I can keep a decent 10 minute-ish pace I'll be done with my whole work out in an hour. I'm trying to remember to allot about 10 minutes each for a warmup/cool down because they make everything so much easier.

This was just a quick check in update. Nothing spectacular, but I'm keeping up with everything and still on track! This weekend I will probably not run the crazy 14 mile distance that I think the marathoners are running because my half is a week away. By the way, even though I talk about running a lot I'm not running much more than in the low 20's for mileage a week right now. I'm happy with this program and feeling good about the progress I've been making so far! Hope everyone is having a lovely week!

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