Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Week #4 Training Update!

Right now my weekend schedule is up in the air. After a 3 week increase of mileage (longer runs) the program has you cut back one week then back up again the next. Since I entered the half though I'm considering a long run (with walk breaks) this weekend and the next.

I'm actually in the process of coordinating a run/walk with Claire, but I'm not sure what that would look like. From what I gather she sounds quite a bit slower and incorporates a bit of walking, but since I'm not ready for 9 miles, I'm more than okay with walk breaks. After all, this half is more just for fun and to see where I'm at! I just want to make sure to get a couple longer distance run/walks in before the race.

Monday's workout was really difficult for me this week. The run was 35 minutes at 80% but my 80% effort was pretty darn slow, especially at first. It was pretty warm out and I was running in some direct morning sun so that made a big difference. As always, after about 25 minutes things got a little easier, but it may have been because I was on my way home and knew I had only a mile to go.

Today is cross-training day and I'm not sure yet if I want to swim or bike. I have an acupuncture appointment from 5-6 and will just see how I'm feeling after that. Biking is free, so I may just stick to that.

Tomorrow's track workout sounds like a lot of effort. I'm going to guess this is probably why he has us doing a short 30 minute easy recovery run on Thursday instead of our normal strength training run. I don't have doubts that I can't complete the workout though, as the recovery times he set are good ones. Here is the workout in case anyone is curious:

Wednesday June 13, 2012
1 lap warm up, dynamic stretches, 1 lap warm up
1 mile at 80% (2:00)
1200 at 85% (:90)
800 at 90% (:60)
400 at 100% (:60)
400 at 100% (:60)
800 at 90%
2 lap cool down and stretch

So far I've always had really good track work outs. I feel fast and pretty on point with my pace. I have no idea what 400 meters at 100% will be like; all I know is that it brings back memories from track in high school. I think my 400 time was around 1:35, but it's doubtful that I can do that now.

I took a lot of pictures this weekend of my back yard and side yard. My side yard is being dug up for a french drain to be put in place, and it's an interesting, yet long process. My back yard is starting to look nice, as my landlord put a pond, a swing and a bench in, so it's a comfy place to hang out. The french drain digging is taking longer than anticipated so no garden yet. I'm pretty sure not much is going to happen with that this year! I'll post the pictures soon.

PS: I've been told that contacts make me look older, but I swear it's the opposite. My hair is also growing in and I'm able to pull it back. This is an accomplishment for me! Here is me, sans any make-up, post run yesterday. I'm trying not to be super squinty in the second one but it was bright out!

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