Thursday, June 7, 2012

Week #3 - Track Workout and Injury Update

Last time I posted I mentioned a possible hamstring injury. The good news is that after yesterday's workout I don't think it's that bad, but it is something that I need to take into consideration. My main concern (and my coach's) was that because I had found some mild bruising in the area that could indicate a tear.

My coach had me do a strength test where I laid down on my stomach, bent my knee and pushed my foot/ankle back against his hand. He said that my right side was considerably less strong (about 1/2), plus I had a bit of pain doing that so we discussed how to modify my workout's if needed, to keep my fitness level up.

I planned to do the first part of last night's track workout at a slow pace and then see how I felt. It was our mile test again and I was told that if my pain level went above a 2 or 3 I needed to stop. I focused on my cadence and form, ignored my pace, and I was almost pain-free! I also ran that mile in 10:07, when I felt like I was going so much slower.

Since I felt good I kept on going with the workout! I just made sure to keep my effort level at what felt really easy and comfortable. Everyone else did 4 sets of 400 meter's at 80% (:30 rest) and then an introduction to speed work: 4 sets of 100 meters at 90% alternating with 100 meters at 60%. I ran everything but at lower efforts. All in all I completed 3.75 miles and my average pace during the core of the workout was a little bit under 10 minutes - which is nuts cause I didn't feel like I was expending much effort at all. I was telling Kim at the race on Saturday that whenever I expect pain I usually have a great run.

So I'm going to continue to be cautious but I think I might be alright! Instead of a hill run tonight I am just going to run to the track, run a 1/2 mile and then run home (2.5 total). The route is mostly flat. I'll see how I feel tomorrow to determine what group and route I am going to run with for Saturday morning.

Last night was the last time Anise and I were going to be able to spend time together until she comes back from her mom's. We got to spend Tuesday and Wednesday together and I will miss her dearly. I cried more than I want to admit saying goodbye - but her and I have a cell phone and we'll stay in touch. We have lots of plans for camping when she gets back too!! <3

I had another successful run! I took it easy and went a total of 4.2 miles, so I did go further than I planned. About .75 of that is walking though for my warm up/middle of work out lap around track/cool down. I didn't conquer any hills and kept my route flat and my pace about 10:30. It was a nice recovery run and I didn't have any hamstring pain - yay! I used the foam roller a few minutes ago and the spot is still sore, but I think if I just make sure to go a little slower for now I'll be okay. Whew!

I seriously love that it feels so easy and good to run most days. I love that I finish a lot of my workout's feeling energized and like I could keep going! Wahoo to positivity!

I made myself some collard greens the other day and am heating them up along with some rice right now for a quick dinner! I'm also working remotely for another hour tonight and then I'm going to head to bed early. Extra sleep tonight will be fabulous and tomorrow is a rest day! Yipee!

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