Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Track Night - Week #5

I'm really looking forward to track night tonight. After Saturday's long run and Sunday's garden mania I was too exhausted Monday to do my workout. I've now had 3 days off from running, which feels like a lot, but I know I needed it. Last week was supposed to be our recovery week, with less mileage and I pushed it because I'm training for my half in 2 weeks (from today!). I'm pretty sure if I didn't spend most of Sunday carrying around heavy gardening supplies I would have felt fine on Monday. My justification was that Sunday was more than enough to consider as cross-training (switched with Tues) and Monday (switched with Sunday) was my full day off. It's my first actual running work out that I missed anyway, so I'm not worried!

Tonight our workout is: 10 X 400m @ 90% with :30 rest. It sounds easy on paper, but I have a feeling my main goal to maintain pace is going to be difficult. I've got to be honest and say that I have NO IDEA what my 90% goal is. I am pretty confused right now. I am not dialed into a pace and I seem to be all over the place. Some days 10 minute miles feel nice and easy. On track nights, low 9 minute miles feel super comfortable. Other days an 11 minute mile feels good.

I always run faster on track night. It's partially because of the flat track and also because I'm around a lot of people. Last week I ran my 80% mile at 8:47, which I know was too fast. I think I am going to try to maintain even splits at a 9 minute pace, so one lap would be 2:15. The best thing for me right now is just to learn how to pace myself and stay consistent.

Track nights are probably my favorite workouts. As someone who is aiming to be better at running longer distances I probably shouldn't admit this. I like the short and fast sets though. I would never pursue anything track-like, as I am not fast by any means, but I do like the little bursts of energy I get from track night. Even if I can't finish everything I still feel accomplished and happy.

Tonight I need to talk to my coach about the races I'm running and the best thing for me to do. It's looking more and more like I should jump in with the marathon group for the next month since they're doing longer runs, but I'm weary about being able to keep up. I'm also happier with my shorter during the week runs and marathon people run a little more. I think the most important thing to keep me motivated is enthusiasm and if I'm not looking forward to what I'm doing then I already know I'll slack. So it's time for me to figure out a good plan but also stay motivated and happy, which I'm realizing is the most important thing to my success!

I'll post a quick update after tonight on how I did!

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