Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Quick Recap - Track Night

I'm feeling a burst of energy still so I am going to get a quick entry in about tonight's workout. As I said before, I was striving for equal splits.

The challenge with consistency is making sure you don't start out too fast. I aimed for a 2:15 pace because that seemed like a good number. In retrospect, I think I should have cut anywhere from 5-10 seconds off that time because I was running a lot faster (comfortably) for most of my laps and had to slow down the second part of the lap and then it felt too slow.

For myself, and anyone else, here are some details (time on lap/avg pace):

2 lap warm up slow: 10:32
These are the 400m splits
1) 2:11 / 8:35 pace
2) 2:04 / 7:57 pace
3) 2:16 / 8:49 pace
4) 2:16 / 8:53 pace
5) 2:18 / 8:55 pace
6) 2:12 / 8:58 pace
7) 2:15 / 9:09 pace
8: 2:17 / 9:06 pace
9) 2:13 / 8:57 pace
10) 2:12 / 8:50 pace
1 lap cool down slow: 11:02 pace

Total: 3.30 in 30:29

I was striving for my average pace to be 9 minutes, so while I lengthened the time of the run, you can tell I ran faster than planned on most of the runs. I'm aiming for consistent pacing and while the lap time is important, I can manipulate that by slowing down at the end when I realize I need to "use up" 20 more seconds.

So, there's some more information for me to take in and reflect on. I really think that for speed work because I'm capable now of going a little faster, I should just go for it! The workouts are short and designed for us to push ourselves a bit. Another reason why I love track workouts so much is because I never go home feeling like I had a bad workout. I learn a lot about myself and I also feel more fit because of them.

I talked to my coach and I'm going to jump in with the marathoners this weekend. I was going to try and run the 9 mile Leif trail with someone, since the marathon people aren't doing the distance I want to run Saturday, but he's made plans, so up Terwiliger I go! Coach agreed that running with the marathon people makes sense from now through Lacamas.

I found out that my bosses wife, Claire, broke her toe and she won't be running the 1/2 on the 4th. I am disappointed for her and also a bit sad that my boss won't be there to see me in a happier place than I am at work.

One other thing I learned tonight was that you should not be training at your goal pace on long runs. I think there was some miscommunication along the line and I found out that for my 2:10 1/2 marathon goal, I should be running long runs at 10:58-11:58 pace. This sounds okay to me and where I ran the 9 miles last weekend, but I also wasn't fully ready for 9 miles then either. I suppose this makes sense when there is a whole training program in place with speed workouts as well as other runs throughout the week. Plus, paces change. I will probably jump in the 11 minute group for this weekend and see if it feels too slow. We're now on a 6 day a week schedule with two of those days cross-training. I'm a busy girl!!

Time for some stew (yay crockpot!), netflix and then sleep! I've got myself a 4 or 5 mile run tomorrow morning to tackle. Goodnight all!

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  1. I'm sorry to hear that your race/training buddy broke her toe :(