Thursday, June 21, 2012

My worst enemy

I absolutely love my neighborhood, but even a run at 10am with the glaring sun is starting to be too much for me. I feel like I'm in some video game, constantly dodging across the street and down side streets to stay in the semi-shade.

I know I am physically able to run 4 miles but mentally I can't seem to get past the heat so I stopped short at just over 3 miles today. I checked the weather and feel like a wimp (65F) but the direct sun makes it feel a lot warmer.

I've not even bothered to look at my pace from the Garmin; it was slow. Today was a tempo run and I should be able to run 4 miles in at least a 10 minute pace but no dice. I ran to the track and it was bathed in sunlight too so I just putzed around my neighborhood trying to rack up mileage.

It looks like I need to wake up early enough to get out on the pavement earlier! (ugh pavement!) Tempo runs are crucial for getting faster and improving cardiovascular muscle and health. I can't skimp on these workouts, especially since I know it's mostly a mental block.

I've never been very good with heat and direct sunlight. I love being outside but I'm a shade girl. I'm also a 55 degrees with a touch of wind girl. Currently, I'm also a really late for work girl! Whoops!

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