Thursday, June 14, 2012

My fastest mile since high school and a little ode to my heart

Yesterday was my 4th week of track runs and it was seriously nuts. Nuts in a good way. I was pretty darn quick and I think I got a little too excited about that because I ended up not being able to complete the entire workout. It's okay though, I listened to my body and instead of running the 2 800 meters at 90% I broke them both up into nice little 400 sets. Extra rest I've realized is pretty important.

Overall I went 4.02 miles in 36:30 and that included 2 slower laps of warming up and almost 2 laps of cooling down. If I take out those times and distances I went 3.08 miles (almost a 5k) in 26:39 minutes, and that is pretty blazing fast! I did have 30 and 60 second rest breaks between each set which helped a lot, so this wasn't continuous crazy fastness, but I'm still proud that I was able to do all of that!

For anyone curious here is the breakdown:

400m Warm Up: 11:37
Dynamic Stretches/Strides (my watch isn't on for this)
400m Warm Up: 10:21
1600m at 80%: 8:47
1200m at 85%: 8:41
800m at 90%: couldn't complete - I started it but couldn't finish so I stopped @ 400m
-subbed: 400m at 90%: 8:34
400m at 100%: 7:17
400m at 100%: 8:05
800m at 90%: couldn't complete, split into 400's
-subbed: 400m at 90%: 9:18
-subbed: 400m at 90%: 8:55
cool down .42 of a mile: 10:11

Now that I'm looking at it I realized I missed running an extra 400m. Oh well!

Trying to run at 100% was really hard. I started out way too fast (6 min pace) and realized that there was no way I could keep that up even for one lap. My Coach said there is no right or wrong because 100% is your all out effort at that moment. It makes sense but the 50 second difference between my first 100% effort and my second meant I got tired pretty quick.

One cool thing was that I ran my fastest mile since high-school yesterday! How exciting is that? The effort we were supposed to run at was 80% and I may have overdone it a little, but it still felt pretty good. I still really want to do a mile time test just to see what I can do. Kim and Cliff have done them a couple times and I think it would be fun to go all out and just see how fast I can go for only a mile. My fastest mile ever was in 5th grade at 7:20 because I was keeping up with this boy I had the biggest crush on. I couldn't beat that now, but maybe in a few more months I could get close!

Another thing I want to say is that my heart rate beats per minute has significantly shifted. I only saw it drop a couple beats last year during my training and didn't think it would drop much more but I was wrong (and also I was not working nearly as much or as hard as I am now). I had concerns because it would always shoot up to the high 180's really fast. It was also almost impossible to keep it below 185 while running faster than 11 minute miles. I've had my heart rate go up to 204 at the end of a race before. It felt as scary as it sounds. But it seems like now I never hit the 180's unless it's really fast/hard effort running like I was doing yesterday. I've always had a pretty quick recovery too, but now it jumps from 170 to 130 with just 30 seconds of rest. My resting heart rate in the morning is 58. I think I have a pretty swell heart!

Today was a recovery run - two words I would have never put together in the same sentence a year ago. I woke up pretty sore from last night's work out and went out and ran 2 1/2 miles in 30 minutes, very nice and slow, and I felt so much better!

Right now I'm finishing up all my laundry and am going to head to bed early. Tomorrow is an official rest day and then Saturday is a 9+ mile run with my bosses wife, Claire, at 8am. I'll let you know how that one goes! I'm a bit nervous actually. On Sunday, my landlord's nanny (a few years prior) from Germany is arriving. She will be staying in the spare bedroom upstairs and watching the kids during the day. Her name is Katrin and my landlord thinks we'll get along so I'm looking forward to meeting her. Yay for possible new friends!

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