Monday, June 4, 2012

Moonlight 5 Recap - with pictures, ohhhh!

This Saturday I ran my first consecutive five miles without stopping to walk! I know I've run 2 half marathons so you're probably thinking, what is she talking about? But I have never been very good at being consistent and pacing myself. I tend to end up running a little too fast which causes my heart rate to shoot up and then I feel like I need to walk. I don't usually walk for long, on average it's probably 20-30 seconds, but the longer distances I run the more walk breaks I take.

Until this Saturday the longest run was about 4 1/2 miles last September, at the Eugene Women's Half, when I was running with the 2 hour 20 minute pacer. I was struggling though after 4 miles and the group pretty much left my sight during that mile. I ran a lot of that race but I also took a lot of walking breaks.

The race this weekend was so much fun! It was great to see Cliff and Kim again and I think we all did a fabulous job by beating our goal times. It was also a really pretty because of the luminaries and I secretly loved that the course was so flat.

The LED luminaries were neat and I can't imagine how long that took to set up! All the volunteers were full of energy and cheering. One guy even commented on my (good) form, which I took as a huge compliment. He actually said to his buddy, "wow, look at her form!" then to me, "you have really great form!" so I don't think he was saying it to everyone. My form isn't always wonderful but it is something I am conscious of and try to work on. It's also something that I felt was on point for Saturday because of how great I felt during the run.

I found a few pictures really nice pictures of the course online. The daylight picture is from someone on the Moonlight 5 crew from their facebook page and the two night pictures are credited to Stevi Sayler Photography.


Kim posted an entry about this race too on Lyddanish so many of these pictures are the same, but I am not sure who read's both of our blogs.

We all got a glow bracelet for the race and Kim went to the dollar store and bought us glow in the dark necklaces. (I owe you a dollar, Kim!) I opted for orange because orange is an awesome color. Kim went with a blue color scheme and Cliff picked yellow. I kinda was a bit restless a few hours before the race and ended up breaking one of the necklaces which leaked glow goop all over me. Kim and Cliff seemed concerned but I checked and glow stick goop is non-toxic. I did try to put a bandaid on it, because it was comical. I kind of wish the goop glowed on my skin but it didn't. It was also a sticky orange mess by the end of the race but since it was dark no one else noticed.

Here we are pre-race with our pre-race awesome pose. I was thinking NINJA, hence my stance. I'm glad Kim took some pictures. I am hesitant about race pictures but non running ones are okay. I think this one was pretty awesome.

There was some flash photography during the race, which I actually didn't mind too much because I was in such a good mood. They also weren't taking too many pictures. I did give one guy a big thumbs up and a grin, so he took my picture. I'm not sure where or when that will surface!

Overall I am really proud of all of us. We all had goals and beat them. Cliff held a pace just shy of 8 minute miles, which I was really impressed with. (I think his time was 39:19 and he was hoping for 40 minutes or less). He ran the stinkin' 5 mile miles in a slower person's 5k time. How crazy is that?

Kim's goal was an hour and 10 minutes and her posted time was 59:13, but really her time was right under 59 minutes. Her goal time seemed slow to me. I think she underestimates herself, cause she is totally kicking butt with running and she also ran the whole 5 miles without walking too - which is not something many people can do!

My goal was to come in under 52 minutes. I picked this because it was about the pace I ran the 4 miles last Saturday (10:30/mile), so I thought it would be a good goal. My posted time was 50:29, but the real time was 50:15. According to my Garmin, I ran 5 miles in exactly 50 minutes and the last 15 seconds were .02 of a mile. Funny! Either way, I was super excited and that meant that I ran the race at a 10 mile/min pace, which is beyond awesome. Progress!

This race wasn't chip timed, which for about 700 people that is kind of insane. It's a lot of work for the finish line people and one reason why results weren't posted until about 5pm the next day. At the starting line, Kim and I started back in the crowd a little bit. I didn't hit the start on my Garmin until we ran past the official start banner. I wasn't sure what the lag time was after they rang the cowbell (haha), but once my time was posted I saw that it was 14 seconds. Because I'm a numbers person, non-chip timed races kind of bug me, because seconds do matter (even if you're not competing for any award). This is probably why I like to time myself!

My splits were fairly even, with the slowest mile (10:20) being the first, because of the hoards of people to pass. My last mile was the fastest, at 9:35 and my recovery after the race was really quick. I felt amped up and full of energy. Honestly, I think I could have kept running because I felt so good and the weather was perfect. Here is myself, Kim and Cliff after the race (taken inside)

Since my goal was to run the whole race, I was conservative on my pace. I ran with what felt comfortable. There is usually a part when I'm running where I start to negotiate with my brain about how much more I can run before I walk. Just one more mile. Three more lamp posts. The next aid station... The coolest part was that I didn't have any of that.

I danced around a lot and stretched a bit inside while we waited for results. Kim took some silly pictures of me as I was basking in my runners high.

I kind of bombed today's workout though. I'm not sure what happened but my right hamstring kept spazzing up and it hurt really bad. If I've learned anything, the one thing is, if some pain surfaces while running that I've never had, I need to take it seriously and not push through it. I stretched, walked home and have been using my foam roller. I don't have any reason to believe anything bad happened, so hopefully by taking it easy and stretching I'll be feeling fine in no time!

Yay for fun races and running with family! And pictures!

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