Saturday, June 23, 2012

It wasn't 10 miles, it was 12! Sneaky!

Thank you Dad for sending me a happy little email today about my progress. I read it after my run and it made me feel really good :)

I also received a Happy Birthday card from Grandma in the mail today! That was a little perk after my run too! My wine barrel garden is pretty exciting and yep, no weeds! Thank you Grandma!
(My birthday is next Thursday for anyone wondering)

These things help, especially since I had started out today wondering if I was even going to be able to finish the entire run. Well, it turns out I did, and more!

The map my run link was incorrect. Being the attentive to detail person that I am, I checked out the link again and saw two things that changed our route:

1) We ran along the waterfront but came up into town a little earlier for some zig-zag route up onto 4th to the track.

2) We then did a 1/2 lap around the track and started up the hill. The coach didn't even mark the first bend of the hill on the map and started us up from a different section.

My Garmin, which I double checked the route accuracy came in at 11.85 miles. The 11:30 pacer only was running the 6 miles today so my choices were 11:00 or 12:00 minutes. I conservatively chose 12 minutes. I also had run with Deb the first week and I liked her. She did a good job of keeping us just a little faster for some of the run and backed off up the hill. (She is used to running sub 10 minute miles on a 1/2 and 11 min miles on a marathon). My overall pace was 11:29 because I ran away from the pace group and ran down the hills quicker.

I was a freaking chatty Cathy today! I am never like that, but this pace was really easy for me and I was going on and on until I realized my running mates may not appreciate someone rambling about my cats. Sorry running buddies.

After today's run though I am really considering staying with the marathon group for most weeks. I proved to myself that I can run 12 miles even though I emailed my coach before the run with some concerns. He told me the map was a little off and it was actually SHY of 10 miles. Mmmhmm. He had about 40 people tell him he was way off today as the turn around point was 6.1 miles, haha. (We cut off some distance on the way back running through town instead of the waterfront)

Our coach drove to the track today to be our aid station. I put my water bottle in the back of his car so I had my poor mans gatorarde with electrolytes at that point and then some skittles that he had. There aren't enough people showing up each week to guarantee I'll have a buddy if I end up switching back to less mileage after Lacamas. Maybe more pacers who are running the shorter distances will show up. Or maybe we'll do loop runs and I can stick to the one loop.

But the main thing is, the group spirit is much more prevalent in the longer runs.
The long runs are really focused on the full marathon and it's clear because all of our pace leaders are set up to go that distance. Finishing something like what we did today get's us some awesome high fives and pats on the back. I like to finish and walk around the running store dripping sweat and looking at fancy running gear and it's totally okay. They don't look at me like I'm some ape, because they know I just ran 12 miles in the freaking rain. Did I mention it was raining?

Today I used my $15 gift card and bought a water belt for $30 after the discount so I can try out something in lieu of my handheld bottle. I have 30 days to "take it on as many trail runs and marathons as I want and still return it". This is why I love Fit Right.

I went and bought some jambalaya at Whole Foods and a sandwich after my run. It was delicious and I couldn't eat it all so I have half of both leftover for dinner. I told my landlord I was too tired to move my furniture and asked if we could rent the steam cleaner next weekend (yes), so I am going to sleep in tomorrow and get in an actual rest day.

There is some maniac kid upstairs running around and making whirling noises and driving me nuts. S/he is making my cats super alert and keeps saying the name of the cat upstairs, "Joey!" in funny voices. I hope s/he leaves soon.

Tonight is catch up on cheesy TV show night. I won't lie, I watch the Bachelorette even though it's pretty awful. No, I don't believe in the "true love and proposals after 6 weeks" and I don't watch it because I'm some romantic who wants to be on the show. It's pure and simple mindless trashy tv and perfect for a night in after a pretty productive day!

Goodnight world! I'll check back in early next week to see how I'm doing!

Oh, and that hill, it really wasn't that bad at all. It wasn't easy but it wasn't as scary as I imagined and I would easily run it again for training.

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  1. Brie, you are doing to great! It is really cool to see how quickly you are progressing. Also, I think the water belt and the jambalaya were great purchases.