Friday, June 1, 2012

I am loving this rest day

My energy levels today are pretty low. They were also pretty low yesterday too even though I got a bunch of great sleep. Last night I didn't sleep that well though because I've been feeling pretty sad since I just found out Anise will be gone for almost 3 months this summer starting next Friday. That's a long, long time and I don't really have much time to spend with her before she leaves. I stayed up pretty late last night thinking about it all.

Yesterday's run was a strength training run. So far the strength runs mean hill repeats and while they're super helpful, they take a lot of energy. I knew the only way I was going to get that workout in was if I did it in the morning, so I did. The work out was to run a 1-2 mile warm up and then 6-10 repeats of stairs or a hill. I picked a longer hill and since I was pressed for time I only ran a 1 1/2 mile warm up, did 4 repeats and then ran a 1/2 mile home.

Tomorrow morning is our long run and if I still feel this exhausted at 7am tomorrow I will skip it and sleep a bit more. We're having a short seminar before the run that I don't want to miss but I also know that sleep and rest are just as important in training. Idealistically, I'd love to go and run either the 2 1/2 or 4 miles at the 10 or 10:30 pace (depending on if they have a 10:30 pace leader again) and then run the 5 miles race at an 11 minute pace. I'm looking forward to the race but I'm not really thinking about it competitively or even as more than a pretty cool night run.

I'm about to leave work and relax for the night! These plans may or may not involve a piece of carrot cake. I do need to wash some laundry though, as I'm going through running clothes like crazy. I have more than enough everything except bras. You'd be surprised at how much a good running bra costs and how darn important those things are. It's kind of jumped up in priority level for the next thing I plan to buy once I am less broke. I would love to get another pass to the Adidas store as everything there is 50% off and I can score the sports tops I love for $20. I need to find myself an Adidas employee to hang out with. Hello lovely Adidas employees, please help a girl out! :)

Have a great weekend friends and family!! I am bringing my camera for tomorrow's event and I will try to capture the awesomeness that is glow in the dark running!

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