Friday, June 8, 2012

Birthday Present Race Entry? :)

Today my boss sat me down for a one on one meeting. He knows my job is incredibly stressful and while he wasn't saying, go look around, or change your attitude, he was saying that if I wasn't happy that I'm not chained to this job. It's nice to hear that though because I would feel incredibly guilty if I left. This makes me feel better if down the line something did come up, but I'm not looking. The funny thing is, I am more at peace with my job than I've been in a long while. Am I stressed out when I'm at work? YES. Do I carry the stress at home with me anymore? Almost never.

I think he is afraid I am just going to get up one day and quit and in that case he wouldn't be in a good position. Honestly, he wouldn't be in a good place even if if I made the decision to leave (with notice) because the thought of training someone all the inns and outs of my position is more overwhelming than leaving. I am 100% certain he doesn't want to see me go and he asked me what I did outside of work for stress relief, which is where running and this program I've taken came up.

It turns out his wife is running the Foot Traffic 1/2 Marathon and I was just looking at that race two days ago. It's on July 4th so the race would be sooner in my training schedule, so there would be definite walking, but it's also very flat and on Sauvie Island, which I haven't been to yet! I imagine that in a month I will be able to run a lot of this race, and it helps a ton because it's flat. The race also starts at an evilly early time (6:30am) but it will at least be cool an be over before it's too warm for the day. Of course I'm not running the marathon, but apparently this race has one of the highest percentages of Boston Qualifiers because of how easy the course is, so it sounds like some good training grounds for me.

Part of me is intrigued because Claire, his wife, is training alone (I think?) and from what little I do know of her I wouldn't mind seeing if she wanted to run sometime. I've only met her once but she seemed really nice. Bill doesn't know her training speed though so I asked him to ask her and also to ask her what her goal time was. If we're anywhere near one another I may try to reach out to her. My company is small and it wouldn't feel weird to run with the boss's wife or anything - and having someone else to run with sometimes would be much appreciated. I think there is a lot to learn from both sides - even if this is her first 1/2 (which I think it is).

There are two dynamics here: one is a shared passion for running (which is nice to be able to connect with others on!) and the other is the desire to show my boss what I am capable of and can do outside of the accounting world. I feel like he needs to see this side of me because I don't go home and sulk all night, like he may worry about me doing.

The race fee right now is my only barrier and why I didn't sign up earlier this week. The race is actually reasonably priced for a half marathon, even now, during the last month. It's $58 plus a shuttle bus from NW Portland for $6. I can't order a t-shirt until the day of, which is $12, but I doubt I'd order one anyway. I've been tight on cash over the last month from fixing my car and on Anise-care, so I've had to cut back on some fun races that I've wanted to join, but this would be a great bday present!! The registration is filling up fast though so to my family: I would love an entry for my b-day and I would be super excited to be able to run this race! This would be my first race running as a 29 year old! Eeeeek!

Sauvie Island is the largest island on the Columbia River, and it's really accessible to Portland. I'm not sure why I've never been because it's about 10 minutes from my work. I hear about how pretty it is and how I should go all the time. They have a lot of U-pick berry farms in the summer and corn mazes in the fall. The finisher's medal is really neat!

This is the website in case you're interested in checking out the activities/race stuff: Foot Traffic Flat Page.
Unfortunately most of the photos are watermarked from the photographers page, but you can click on the main page and view all photos to see some of them. Here are a few pictures of Sauvie Island from google images:

There are even nude beaches if you're into that kind of thing. Haha! (I'm not!). Seeing all these pictures (and there are so many more!) makes me wonder why I haven't gone out to visit the island yet! We even get fresh strawberry shortcake after the race. Yum!!

So family - this would be an awesome bday present. <3 My only thing is I don't have the money to sign up for this one now and would need to asap, before it fills up. My other birthday wishes are at least 2-3 more sports bras, a possible massage and a couple small 5k races! So there is my birthday list. I finally have one this year!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!

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