Friday, June 22, 2012

A big hill + 10 miles = a tired Brie!

I'm pretty darn nervous about tomorrow's run. It says 10 miles on trainingpeaks (the website we use for our training plan) but I looked at his pdf map and it's closer to 10 1/2 miles.

I did everything right today though. I made sure to drink enough water, eat enough protein and I even added in some extra carbohydrates for fuel. I did strength training stretches for runners that our coach gave us and I also spent 30 minutes in some yin like yoga stretches. I did treat myself to a few peanut butter malted milk balls that come in the bulk bins because those things are carbalicious, Although they're not good kind of carbs, I needed a little bit of a splurge since I've been doing so well with my diet. When I say diet, I just mean general nutrition/eating. I'm not on any diet except the be conscious of what you eat, cook whenever possible, no processed junk and lots of whole fruits and veggies diet.

Tomorrow's run though is not just distance challenged, it's elevation challenged too. We're running up Terwilliger, which is something that I never have felt compelled to do. For the Shamrock 15k, runners take on Terwilliger and while maybe one year I'll run the 15k to get the cool bottle opener medal, I would have never thought I'd tackle that hill in the middle of a 10 mile run.

Elevation at each point during climb:
Mile 2.1 = 30ft
Mile 3.1 = 140ft
Mile 4.1 = 355ft
Mile 5.1 = 478ft
508ft max at mile 5.7

Overall it doesn't seem like a significant elevation gain to a hiker, but during a run pretty much any hill (for me) is difficult. Plus this one isn't a little baby - it's a little over 3 miles of constant climbing. I need myself a pep rally for this one!! :D

Coach Jeremy will be at the top where we turn around with an aid station but I'm still going to bring my handheld water bottle and fill it with my special training run mix. I like to mix the juice of a navel orange, 1/2 a lemon, a tsp of salt, and a small bit of sweetener (usually honey). I like adding lime juice too.

It's only 8:23 but I'm about ready to head to sleep! I've had a bit of a social lull recently and have been focusing mainly on work and training. I did start talking to a few girls on Wednesday who recognized me from the Saturday hill run when I turned around early and met up with them but they are in the 10k group so I won't be running with them on long days. I'm hoping to form some bonds soon though as we get into longer distances. As I'll be jumping back and froth from the marathon training group to the half group though there might be a lot of unfamiliar faces for awhile!

The good news is we have all of our pacers back! Since this run is going to be physically demanding I think I am going to run with the 11:30 pace group. I don't care about time at this point, I just want to complete the run. I know that the rest will come together in time.

I'm working on patience and being kind to myself for all the progress I've made. I can be my own worse critic when I've had a run cut short or my pace is flailing all over the place. I'm reminding myself that I don't need to be fast and if getting faster is my goal it will come with everything I'm doing. I've already proven time and time again that my race pace is a lot quicker. The adrenaline kicks in and being around so many other people really does something to your body and to your brain. It's pretty awesome.

So tomorrow morning I am going to take it really easy and hope I make it through the ascent. I'm not very good with hills yet so staying in a slow pace group will ensure I have a fighting chance. Don't get me wrong, I'm nervous, but I'm totally looking forward to this challenge!

Hopefully tonight I'll get a good nights worth of sleep. I did get very lucky and scheduled a last minute acupuncture appointment today to help with my painful womanly related cramps. Thankfully since acupuncture is a holistic medicine, she (Boynn) addresses much of what is going on. I usually sleep pretty well after seeing Boynn and she also made me an herbal mix for tea that is actually pleasant. It has cinnamon, white peony, frankincense and myrrh and I believe there may be some fennel or anise as I taste a slight hint of that flavor. I'm going to mix some up and head to bed so I can wake up early enough to eat a proper breakfast. Updates will be forthcoming!

Please wish me luck! Getting your emails and comments really mean a lot to me and help get me through some of the harder moments. I did start this blog to keep a record for myself but also because I can't do it without support. Much love to everyone who reads and supports me, it means the world!

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