Saturday, June 16, 2012

BAM! 9 miles down!

9 miles, I seriously just did 9 miles! I am so excited I was able to do this! I took one 4 1/2 minute walking break at mile 7 when I felt like I couldn't go any further and that was just enough time to rest and regroup. My last mile and 1/2 were at a 9:40 pace and I caught up to Claire, who ran the entire distance without walking. I wish I were there yet, but I barely walked, and I didn't give up, so I have nothing to feel bad about. I was only going to run to mile 1, then walk the rest, but I really wanted to catch up to Claire. It was her longest run and I know the last two miles were really hard on her. I'm so proud of both of us.

Since I've been training/aiming around at a 10 minute pace, but my longest consecutive run to date was 5 miles, I had no idea what to expect today. The total distance was 9.7 miles (a hike up to the trail and then a tiny bit more than 1/4 mile walk). We started running at the 9 mile marker and it conveniently counts down the mileage in 1/4 mile increments. This is super motivational to me to watch the white poles count down. We completed the 9 miles in 1 hr 38 min and 42 seconds. I was excited to see that averaged out at a 10:58/mile pace. I know I didn't pace myself as well as I would have liked for this run and some miles were slower, but I'll get there!

Things can only really get better from here and I'm glad I did this run in lieu of the 4 mile run with the Get Fit Live Fit group today. I am sad to have missed it, but our run was also in Vancouver today and it's the Vancouver Marathon weekend so I can't imagine how crazy it would have been to be over there. Our program is a 3 week increase, with a 1 week cut back. This week was our cut back week and I did cut back a bit this week except for our track workout - but since I'm running the 1/2 in 3 weeks I needed to feel like I could do this. After today, I know I can.

Hey, guess what? I ran 9 miles! Wahooo!!!!


  1. You way rock!!! Totally jealous! I hurt my ankle a month back and have stopped running since. Still building strength back and can't wait to hit the trails again. Your training is inspiring :-)

    1. Thank you! I've been excessively blogging about it, but it helps keeps me feeling accountable.

      Oh no, I didn't know you hurt your ankle! I've been really anxious about injuring myself but so far, besides some scares, I've been okay.

      When I couldn't afford PT (insurance doesn't cover it) I looked up videos on Youtube for my knee. Maybe you can find some on there too! Do you have resistance bands? I've used them for my ankle before. The problem though is just that I think you and I both have a bum ankle and it probably never healed right so most PT is just rest, ice and compression!

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    1. Yay! It was awesome! Thanks Kim!