Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Week 2: Track Workout

I'm sure this is going to sound silly, but it didn't cross my mind until tonight that track nights are going to be really warm. This sounds silly because I signed up for a program that lasts all SUMMER and for a month into fall and yet I didn't think once about how the heat was going to be a big challenge for me. I thought about this tonight for the first time because it high 70's at the track and quite a bit warmer than what I am used to. The heat is one reason why I prefer to run on trails. I'm not very good with heat but I am worse at waking up early to run, so somehow I am going to have to figure something out this summer! It looks like I may need to become a little more of a morning person to get all of my training in!

Despite the heat, tonight went really well for me. We did a re-test on our mile and I decided to not get caught up in the numbers like I've been doing. I didn't look at my watch and just ran at a pace I felt like I could maintain, but also pushed myself a little. I was pretty surprised because I didn't feel like I was going that much faster but my mile time was 9:22, which was 30 seconds quicker than last Wednesday.

One thing that I am slowly becoming prouder of myself for is my ability to pace myself over a given distance. Longer runs are still a little bit of challenge, but tell me to run a mile and I will run even splits (an even 400 meters). As training progresses I think one of the bigger goals we all have is to translate that to our long runs. This is why we have pace leaders. During the mile, I heard a few comments from other girls who initially passed me but then dropped behind a lap or two later and expressed how tired they were. The funny thing is, I started to feel tired after the second lap but then hit my stride mid-way through the third and all of a sudden everything felt so good.

My two 400 meter splits were not even at all this time. They were supposed to be at 80% and without doing the math I really am not sure how many seconds faster that should be. 15 seconds maybe? All I know is that I ran the first 400 meters way too fast (8:19 pace) and the second one too slow (9:17). My 800 meter split was at a 9:15 pace and since I was pretty tired that was okay. I know the purpose of this workout wasn't speed, but this big jump in progress in only a week makes me feel confident that in a month I should be able to run the longer runs with the 10 minute pace group.

I'm still trying to learn how to use my watch for a track workout. I have to turn it off auto lap (it usually laps at a mile) and then I need to hit the lap button after each set and stop the timer, so if I look down I can see what my pace is on the next set. Since my mile time tonight was faster than expected, I wasn't sure what 5% more effort would be, so I just ran. I'll do better on that next time!

I didn't run the marathon people's work out tonight. I drank too much water and felt a little sick after the mile but I still did fine. I have a tendency to drink too much water when it is warm and for shorter runs, that is bad news. I did have some left knee pain (same place as last year) towards the end too, so I jogged and then walked the rest of the two lap cool down. I did some hamstring and quad stretches and I'll make sure to give my foam roller some love later. I have a 2-3 mile hilly run tomorrow and I think I may go visit Forest Park for this one!

Time for some much needed rest and a little bit of netflix. I bought a pint of sea salt caramel gelato and you can bet I will be eating some of that too. Yum! Goodnight everyone!

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