Monday, May 28, 2012

Week #2 - Base Run

I started this blog as a running blog, mostly for family, some friends and for myself. I know some entries have nothing to do with running, but I'm trying to get back into writing more so I'm working on writing as much as I can about my training. I kind of like reading other people's blogs as a motivator, so hopefully some of this motivates someone else! :)

Today's workout was challenging but good. My main thing is I'm still trying to find the pace I should be training at for each % of effort and that's a little tricky. This type of thing is fluid though, especially at the beginning.

5/28/12 Workout, Base Run
10 minutes at 60%, 3 minute rest/walk
10 minutes at 70%, 3 minute rest/walk
10 minutes at 80%

At first I decided to try and base my 9:50 track mile as the 70% effort, because that is what the coach had asked us to run at that day. But then I thought about how I ran a 10:30 pace for the 4 miles and that felt good, so I tried to find a happy middle ground between the two. After some late night math in my head I just decided to guesstimate because all those numbers make this way less fun for me.

I'm working on warming up, because I know that makes running so much easier. Secretly, I've always been resistant to more than a 2 minute jog as a warm up because I'm worried it will take away my energy. Over time though I've found that a 1/2 mile jog or quick walk does the opposite and I feel so much stronger and better. So today I walked at a fast pace for about 5 minutes then broke into my slow jog for my 60%.

I was aiming for about an 11:15/mile pace for the first set and ran at 11:12 so that was pretty on target. After the first set I walked the rest of the 3 minutes to the track and finished my workout there. The second pace I was trying to go for 10:15 and I ran this one a little faster at 10:06. The third I was aiming for 9:20 and ran at 9:18. I think I did a pretty good job staying where I wanted to and my heart rate average for each set was on point (160's, 170's, 180's).

Overall it was a good workout. I walked the mile home and worked on some stretches for my knee. I have a love/hate relationship with my foam roller, but it's been the best investment so far for my quads, IT band and gluts. The pain is temporary but man, does that thing hurt!!

So, I only ran 2.97 miles total, but the point of this work out wasn't distance, it was about building our base. The cool thing was, I was pushing myself on the last set, but I still felt like I could keep going and I think that's a good sign that my fitness level is improving. I know my energy levels have been a lot higher too.

Tomorrow is cross training day so I'm going to try and make it to the pool again. I love swimming but I'm not very good at laps. Today I'm spending the rest of the day working and I spent part of this morning doing that too. No one else is logged into our system and I'm pretty sure no one is at work today. I've got a lot to do before tomorrow and even though I finished a bunch yesterday, today's work is different. I'm trying not to open my email much though because I really don't want to answer/read any emails. Back to the grind!

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