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A month in one go (this is a long one)

May 6th, 2012

In the past month since I last updated I have done a lot but haven't been very awesome at updating. I'm going to try to cover the "highlights" - the good and the bad in one entry.

On April 1st I ran my third fastest 5k and I have no idea how/why I did this. I hadn't even run since the Shamrock run which was 2 weeks prior and while I can run a 5k without any real training (don't ask me how) I was pretty excited that my time was 30:55. Actually it was probably 10-15 seconds faster but the mat guy said they didn't pick me up crossing the mat at the beginning and I thought I stopped my watch at the end and didn't so I have no idea. Either way, I was proud.

A week later was Easter and the day before I started feeling really awful. I had a high fever (for me) and a super sore throat and was convinced it had to be strep because I had never had a sore throat like that one. I spent Easter in bed, sweating and feeling pretty miserable and probably a little sorry for myself. I went to the doctor on Monday and yes, it was strep so I was given antibiotics and started feeling better by Tuesday afternoon. Yay for drugs.

Since I had to change my sheets a lot when I was sick I started to think about the last time I had bought new sheets and besides the one I use for guests, I haven't gotten anything new since 2005. Yikes. I also had a striped duvet cover at one point but I think when C and I parted ways he ended up with it because I can't find it so I needed something to cover my comfy down comforter that I hadn't been able to use. Clearly it was time for new bedding. This is when my dad did something unexpected and pretty super dad like! He surprised me with a new sheet set and even a pretty duvet cover for my bed. It has been so comfy and I've been pretty much over the moon still about it. I still need to buy another set of sheets, I want a set of Egyptian cotton, but not with any sateen finish and think later this month or next month that will be my splurge. Isn't the cover pretty?

The next weekend I had Anise with me for the weekend and we took our second painting class. This time we painted Mt Hood and it was awesome. I have photos of both classes we took and really want to review the class and post progress pictures because it's such a cool place to go but I'm going to guess that won't happen for awhile so here are our paintings from both classes. I think they turned out fabulous. You'll just have to ignore Anise's expressions - she is in an "I hate photos" phase. Here is our Chat Noir Painting
And this is our Mt Hood Painting. I am not as excited about this one but the class was fun. We're going to do another.
During the class (Friday) Anise started coughing and feeling pretty bad so I took her home and she went to bed after she impressed me by taking a real pill since that's all I had. I couldn't take pills at 12! I had to drug her with two cough and acetaminophen pills so she could go to her friends birthday party the next day and I felt pretty bad about it. She crashed out after the drugs wore off and slept all day. Our weekend was kinda uneventful and I felt bad leaving her home alone for a run. She really just needed to be home and I got ahold of her dad early Sunday and he picked her up around 2pm.

The following week I submitted two claims to have my car fixed. One was from big dents on the passenger side and another was some scratches from someone in a parking garage on the drivers side. I was pretty impressed with Progressive's response time, as I had my car into the shop by that Friday morning. Sadly, I could only fix one side at a time because I couldn't afford both deductibles. It cost a lot to fix my car, I was surprised at how large the estimates were (2300 and 1400). It also took a lot longer than I thought it would and I didn't get my car back for 10 days, which I hadn't planned on. There was a lot of crazy rental car drama (they gave me a huge crazy truck at first) but ultimately they comped me two days so I only paid $42 for 4 days so I'm much happier.

I had Anise that Friday night and Saturday until about 5pm to make up for the past couple weekends of both of us being ill. I wanted to plan some cool Earth Day activity and go for a hike to check out some pretty wildflowers blooming. Well, the rental car issues meant we didn't get to go on a cooler hike, but we did drive to Powell Butte and walked about 4 miles in the sun on top of the inactive volcano and then in the woods. It was really pretty and super hot out but I forgot sunblock so I ended up with a bad sunburn. The sky was super clear and you could see for miles. Anise and I took a lot of silly pictures and some cool wildlife bird and caterpillar ones but here are two pretty panoramic type shots. The first one of Mt St Helens and the second highlights Mt Hood.

Living in the Pacific Northwest and being surrounded by such beauty makes me so happy sometimes. I never get over how amazing it is to see such huge snow topped mountains year round.

The weekend after was my friend Carmen's 03th birthday party and it was so wonderful to see her and also my friend Linette who I don't see a lot and miss. It was also Analise's wedding in Louisiana which I was sad to miss - and her pictures so far are just gorgeous. I also finally made time for a real run, but I have to admit, it was really difficult. Apparently hiking and lots of walks do not keep you in shape to bust out a 4 mile run in one go but I'm working on it. Since I was still carless I biked a lot that day (at least 10 miles) and felt a little better about my weak attempt at a run earlier that day. Carmen's party was a lot of fun and I danced a lot. I love dancing. I love Carmen and need to make an effort to spend more time with her.

So, I signed up for a running group/training session that meets Wednesday nights/Saturday mornings from May 21st - Oct 7th that I'm pretty excited about. I really want to meet people and also stay on track. I somehow got away with only running once a week (maybe twice on special weeks) last year and still being able to run long distance, so I figure if I run at least twice a week or more that I'll probably be pretty proud of how well I can actually do without half-assing it. I know I talk about running a lot but I am a big cheater and once I try to schedule something it stops being fun. I think I ran the Eugene 1/2 on sheer will and determination because it sure wasn't the four or five runs that I got in between the end of July-beginning of September. A lot of this past month has been me realizing and accepting that even though I love running I really need people to run with and I just can't keep training alone. I'm seriously about 10 times better when I am with people to motivate me so for $95 (I got a discount) I think this is going to be a well worth it purchase!

Two days ago, on Saturday, I was really excited because I had my first official acupuncture session with someone that I plan to go to long-term. My work voted yes on alternative care so for $15 I can see an acupuncturist, chiropractor or naturopath and it was the best news all month. I found someone who had amazing reviews near me and booked a two hour intro appointment. She was very attentive and asked a lot of personal questions to figure out the best way to treat me. Yesterday I was feeling a lot of anxiety and some pain from my TMJ so those were the main things she focused on.

Well, it turns out that I had a really bad reaction to the treatment sites from my shoulders up, and ended up in bed until mid-day today. My TMJ has skyrocketed and I hurt a lot right now. Boynn (acupuncturist) was really worried about me when I left and called me a couple hours later to check in on me. She told me that about 5-10% of people don't respond well to direct treatment on the sites that need attention and we're going to work with treating other sites that correspond to what I need. My neck has been so stiff that the muscles actually bent her needle on impact in one spot. I fully support acupuncture and alternative therapies so I was really sad that I had this type of reaction. I have been carrying around an intense amount of stress and can't afford a massage yet so I am really hoping that next week's appointment works out better for me. I am comitted to trying and really liked the acupuncturist I saw and am not concerned that it was her in any way. I know my body is pretty sensitive and I am not too surprised about this - it just sucks.

Today is my dad's birthday and I got to talk to him for a little bit before he started in on a delicious dinner Deborah made for him. Happy Birthday dad!! I miss my dad and mom a lot and am hoping to figure out a way to make a trip home this summer and I'd really like to bring Anise too because she talks about them (especially Saranac Lake) a lot. I looked at planet tickets though and they are in the 500 range, and that is just beyond ridiculous. I saw a really pretty timelapse video of the Adirondacks last week and it made me miss the night sky so much. I posted a link to the video below. Once you get to the starry night shots you will know what I'm talking about. It doesn't ever look like that here unless you drive a few hours away and go camping. Back home it's like that all the time. The Pacific NW is absolutely beautiful too but I do get homesick sometimes.

ADK time lapse project - FALL from ADKtimelapse on Vimeo.

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  1. I love the new bedspread! Also, I really enjoy the two panoramic photos. Hooray for a good post!