Monday, January 2, 2012

I'm finally doing what I started this blog for again!

I've been running again regularly! Yes, I know, it's awesome!!

I started out a few weeks ago just walking and running a little bit, trying to rehabilitate my knee. Last Saturday (12/24) was my first official run that started off this good week+ of running. So far since then I've gone a little over 19 miles.

Oh, so I'm slow and I'm walking still a bit but just getting out there and running feels great. Last Monday was my "long" run of a little over 5 miles and while I did that on the 31st I may go about 5 miles again today. It depend on how my knee wants to cooperate. It started hurting a little on Saturday so I eased off and walked most of the last mile.

Running makes me feel good. Even if it's going to take awhile to get back where I was I am already seeing and feeling improvements. Right now I'm drinking my coffee, chatting with a friend and just finished my breakfast and will be off to a run in an hour or two.

I won an entry to a race that is super low key and will max out at 40 participants. The distance can be 5, 10, 15k or 1/2 marathon. I don't have to decide until I get there. It's at the end of this month and it's not timed (more of a social fun thing than a race) so who knows how much I'll do!

I'm spacey. I forgot to post this blog so I'm actually now off for my run! I left my emergen-c packets at work so I may work in a stop to whole foods and get a couple to tide me over for the day. Thanks dad for the box of emergen-c for xmas, I would use it everyday if I could afford it! (PS - it's great for hangovers)


  1. HUZZAH - checking in over here - now I am officially "following" you - I'm usually in blogger every other day or so, more than LJ so I can stalk you better here. ;)

  2. Yay! I'm so glad that you are running again and that your knee isn't bothering you as much. That is such great news. You make me want to be more active. Thank you! Also, we are super excited about the St. Patrick's Day run in Portland. I'm a nerd and I think we should have some sort of matching running day socks maybe?

  3. Kim - you are totally not a nerd!! We SHOULD match. People dress up. I'd suggest green tu-tu's (or white and dye them green) as well but I'm not sure if Cliff would be down for that.

    We can easily get matching socks. Sockdreams (in Portland - but also online) has a ton of stuff and they'll have lots of St Patrick's day socks!

    I got our group name and leader name today! I will email you it soon. I'm going to register after the 15th once I get paid! I think the run will be a lot of fun, I'm so glad you're going! Yay!!

  4. Hooray for matching! I checked out the sock website and holy cow they have a ton of awesome socks. We are totally down for fun clothes. I will check our local thrift stores and dollar store to see if there is any other fun St. Patrick's Day apparel. Depending on the job situation a month and a half from now we will totally be able to commit to a full out get-up or a less costly (yet still festive) outfit. Can't wait!!!

  5. We don't have to get totally crazy (and spend lots of money by any means!), but it'd be fun to find something. We'll have fun with it :)