Thursday, January 26, 2012

The first race of twenty-twelve!

Tomorrow I'm embarking on a mini-road trip. After work I'm driving up to Tacoma, Washington to stay the night in a hotel with scary ratings (gee, thanks Priceline!) and then run on Saturday around the Sound. I'm looking forward to the easy nature of this run because it's very laid back and, to be honest, I've not been training as often as I should. This run is more of an encouraging fun run and I'm trying to get myself excited about it, which is why I'm posting a blog - to hype myself up.

I was excited earlier this week when I decided to book a hotel room but I forgot how crowded I-5 gets because I hardly ever drive on highways unless I have to. I enjoy driving and solo road trips, but I'm probably one of the most impatient drivers out there. Traffic never fails to put me in a bad mood. I'm not a jerk who tries to cut other people off or inch around them, but let's just say I'd rather go extra 50 miles and drive the entire time rather than sit in traffic for 20 minutes. Beating tomorrows traffic won't happen unless I leave work/Portland at 2pm or 7pm. (Not gonna happen!)

I've packed most of my bag so I'm going! My hotel said each room has a microwave and mini-fridge so I'm bringing up all of my food. (Side note: I'm now down 10lbs total - yay!

I'm not a coffee drinker before races but I never was a daily coffee drinker until recently so I'm bringing my camping french press just in case the desire strikes! Unless they ask me to tell them the distance I'm running on Saturday before we start running, I will just keep going until I feel sufficiently tired. A 15k would be nice but it's not very likely.

In Winter the weather in the Pacific NW is two things. Rainy and not-rainy. It's supposed to be not-rainy on Saturday so I'm bringing my camera and hoping to get some pretty pictures of the area. I don't know anything about the course besides it is a loop, runs by the water, through a golf course and over some rolling hills. I'm charging up the Garmin right now!

I have quite a few pictures to post in a kitchen orientated post which is coming soon! My kitchen has gotten a mega-upgrade by way of a few new kitchen items and one super amazing appliance. Since I'm a big kitchen geek, I feel it's only polite to designate a proper entry to those items, along with some of my fun commentary. I promise that entry within the next week.

Tonight I'm going to turn in early because I have a feeling I won't sleep very well tomorrow... but not because I'm nervous about running, I've just read the beds kind of suck. My dad uses priceline for hotels and he's raved about some great deals he has gotten, which is why I decided to give it a try. I'm pretty sure he doesn't pick one star and put $39 as his offering price. Hey, it beats waking up at 5am to get there by 8! And let's face it, if I didn't get a room I would probably not be motivated enough to wake up that early.

I think I might go to Seattle for part of the day since I'll be so close. I'll admit it, I'm not a big Seattle fan but I really do love a couple things about the city. The two things I'd make the 20 minute drive for would be fresh fish from the Pike Place market and amazing coffee beans from Vivace. Plus, more photo ops and my family seems to enjoy those posts. (I know they're way more exciting to read). I'll be heading back to Portland early though as I have to work Sunday. Next Friday I am going to put all of my energy into a field trip up to Mt Hood again because we've had 10 feet of snow in the past couple weeks and now have a 100inch base! YES!!

Lots of exciting things - time to finish getting all of my things together and head to sleep. Updates are forthcoming! <3


  1. Good luck!!!

    I love Seattle! if you go to the market go to La Panier, they have the best macarons ever! And their baguette with brie is amazing!

  2. If I run more than 3 miles (and make it up to seattle) you have my word that I will go and splurge on a Macaroon!