Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A little bit of Christmas!

I think as you all know by now, if I don't post pictures and an update right away, it doesn't happen. I promised pictures and updates of the Eugene 1/2 and that was back during labor day weekend. I promised Meadows pictures and more on skiing. Sorry. As a blogger I will stop making promises like these and just take the time to post even if it's just a little bit.

This weekend was a lot of fun. On Saturday my friend Aundria and I went to the Convention Center to a local arts and crafts fair. It was called Crafty Wonderland. Neither of us had heard about this event until a few days prior so I was pretty amazed at how many people were there! The first 150 people got a free goodie bag so you can be sure I was there right when it opened. I love free stuff. I love coupons and coupons were promised. Unfortunately so did about 600 other people who were all in line before us. I'm not kidding, the place was packed! I have no idea what was in the goodie bags and I am better off not knowing.

Mostly I went to get crafting ideas. I've been feeling really creative recently; I'm sure a lot of it has to do with the colder weather and trying to find non-media ways to spend the time inside. On a side note though I decided I am going to devote myself to taking a 30-45 minute walk most days. Just a little more activity to ease myself back into running will help. It also helps that my neighborhood is pretty amazing and a perfect place to take a long walk. Besides skiing I've been all down on myself for not being as active as I'd like to be as I think everyone who reads this knows by now.

So... back to crafts! Wow. Okay. So people are really freaking creative. If I had enough money I would have easily spent $500 on beautiful locally crafted items for myself, family and friends. Actually I probably could have spent a lot more. I only bought one thing though, a locket for my sister's birthday. I didn't take a picture of it but I thought the design was really neat. It's a vintage brass locket with a picture screenprinted (?) on the front. The background of the picture is teal and there is a cassette tape with the word Love on it and a couple small hearts below it. It reminded me of 90's mix tapes and I figured Claire will either really dig it or think I am nuts. I have wanted a locket so maybe Claire has had that desire too.

I took pictures of other items that people made and tried to be sly about it. I was taking pictures just so I could figure out how certain things were sewn/designed and then I could make something similar later. I found a neat flannel sewn cowl (but it was angular and nifty) and a beautiful knit skirt with a felted design. The cowl was reasonable ($25) but the skirt was not ($80). After the craft show I went to Michaels and bought some felt, small double pointed knitting needles for the gloves I'm making my dad (for the fingers) and some wrapping paper. Felt to be used later on a knit skirt that will cost me less than $15!

On Sunday I worked for awhile from home and then got down to business. I made my mom a set of coasters as requested and I think they turned out pretty nice. I like the fabric choices but it remains to be seen if she will too. I sent them out today. I am about 1/2 way through the gloves for my dad and they are proving to be quite a long task. They look pretty great though, especially considering this is my first (and last - ha ha ha) pair of gloves. After I post this I am going to watch an episode of something on netflix and work on the forefinger and thumb on the first glove! I would post pictures but since both my mom and dad get this blog as an email in their in box they are going to have to wait!

The gift I'm collectively making my dad and Deborah (which my dad knows what it is - what can I say, I am a present surprise spoiler) is taking a long time but I've gotten a lot of positive feedback so far on the outcome. For my first bigger sewing project I think it is coming out pretty nicely. My accounting teacher from Paul Smiths actually asked me if she could buy a set from me. I thought it was a sweet compliment! I would have no idea how much to ask and I love Pat anyway so I wouldn't want to charge her much more than the cost of materials/shipping. It is unlikely I will be finished until after this weekend so I'll have to send that out next Monday by priority! Lots of time and love is going into the gift and I hope they enjoy it.

As for myself I don't really celebrate Christmas by myself. I'm not very good at waiting to open presents and I honestly don't really get many actual presents. My dad always sends me a stocking and that is the highlight of my Christmas. I loved my stocking as a kid and it makes my year every time he sends it out to me. My mom sent me an electric blanket this year (yeah, I opened it, it wasn't wrapped!) and I think I can safely say that 3 felines and 1 human have thoroughly been enjoying it!

I don't buy a tree or decorate my house. The only time I did that was when I lived with Anise and I think it's because I love kids and seeing how excited they get over holidays. We had a tree but it was a potted tree that we planted in the yard after. I bought her a couple snowbabies ornaments with the year on it that I hope she keeps. I miss her a lot.

I did buy myself a tree this year though! A rosemary tree! I had been coveting one for awhile now and it makes my apartment smell wonderful. I have 3 ornaments and I swear I bought them back in 2008 when I only had one cat. They are 3 heavy silver cat ornaments that are on burgundy ribbons. Here is my little slice of Christmas! I quite like it and it's especially great because rosemary doesn't die out here. It grows into huge bushes so in the summer it will be kept in a pot (a nicer one) outside my front door.

And finally, because everyone loves pictures, here are a few I took of the sunset today. I tried to intersperse them into the blog to be a good blogger and hold everyone's interest but I failed.

This is the view from where I work. Not from my office, as I don't have any windows, but from outside.

Here are a couple more pictures on the way home! Sunsets make me smile.

Pretty Pink Clouds!

The last one is a picture of the Fremont Bridge. Snapped really quickly while I was stopped at a red light.

Sometimes I need reminders on just how much I love Portland!

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  1. I agree that stockings are amazing. When I was growing up I had a huge stocking. I mean it was big. I loved digging into it as there were always poly pockets, random candies, mini stuffed animals, and other awesome goodies. Looking back I am sure it would have been smaller if I wasn't an only child :) We don't use the huge stocking anymore and I always wonder what to do with it. I think I would like to get it and fill it with stuff to be donated to charity like food, toys, etc. I need to do that next year.

    Also your rosemary tree is very pretty!