Thursday, December 8, 2011

A few pictures and more to come!

I went up to Meadows today and it was so beautiful! I finally took my cell up with me so I could take a few pictures and I'm glad I did. I have a lot to share but I'm pretty exhausted tonight so I'll post them in the next couple days.

I broke down and bought a new winter coat because my other one wasn't long enough. I found a great deal on a coat marked down from $185 to $124 and then 25% off from REI outlet so I scored a nice ski coat for $99. The brand is Orage and it's apparently a ski type coat as it has lots of pockets, a spot for my pass and a powder skirt.

I am officially done buying anything ski related though as I am broker than a mule. The coat is pretty splendid though! I used it today even though it was 40 degrees out because I wanted to try it out. I just opened the vents and unzipped it a bit. Ahh, fresh clean mountain air. Nothing is better!

What a great day! Here are a couple pictures to tide you over until I can post about my weekend (I went up Sunday too) and today! The air was crisp and the sky was so blue. I haven't seen that much blue sky and sun in a long time. It's been nice in Portland recently but working in a warehouse means no concept of time and by the time I leave it's dark. I have to work this weekend but it was worth it to get some sun. I've been feeling pretty sapped of energy and I'm sure some vitamin D helped!

The first run of the day:

You could see for miles and miles:

It was so sunny, I couldn't stop smiling! I took a break on a rock and kicked off all my gear. This was at the top of the mountain (~7400' elevation):

Pretty Mt Hood Meadows at 3pm (end of the day when we left):

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  1. The Meadows looks beautiful! Also, I like your new coat :)