Friday, November 11, 2011

Why I haven't updated

I haven't been running at all. It's kind of depressing. The 6 week check up with my doctor showed that I most likely tore some cartilage in my knee and I'm just hoping this isn't an ongoing chronic issue. I did run about 3 weekends ago but after a couple miles my knee started aching so I held off until I had my doctors appointment. Last Monday I tried a short mile but only made it about half-way before my knee started throbbing. It's also pretty hard to get back in shape after being out for so long.

In the efforts to keep this blog active and continue to write, I am thinking about broadening what I write about to include other life updates too. There are other things that I don't mind being public and it's nice to keep up with writing.

I will probably be out of running for awhile longer. I have signed up for the Race to the Roses 1/2 next April, but I'm weary about starting back up too early. My insurance doesn't cover physical therapy, unfortunately, but I think I'll be making a visit to a sports doctor so I can at least get some plan in place for myself!

I'll be skiing at Mt Hood Meadows this winter and I'm pretty excited about that! It was a huge investment and I've been on a heavy budget since then, but come Thanksgiving time, it will be worth it. I've been looking into buying a proper ski jacket and amazed at the prices. The one I like is almost $200 and the one I love is close to $300. When did everything get so expensive? At least I'll be active this winter though! It's so nice to have something fun to look forward to. A knee injury affects so many sports and even walking for longer than 20 minutes causes some pain. Hopefully since skiing is a non heavy impact sport that I'll be alright. Maybe I should invest in a brace too ;)

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  1. Hooray for updates! Sorry to hear that the knee didn't love the run last week. Hopefully with a little more rest you will be back up and running (tee hee) soon!