Sunday, September 4, 2011

Eugene Women's Half (Pre-Race)

First things first, I didn't run on Wednesday. I did go and pick up my race numbers for the series (55) but I was feeling really uneasy about the whole thing. I won't go into details but after an encounter with the aforementioned person, I split. I'll probably be running the future ones, but I set some boundaries.

Moving on!

I'm in Eugene and it's EARLY! 5am early. It is the earliest I have ever woken up for a race and I could have slept until 7am if I wanted. Two days ago I started feeling a bit off and the acupuncturist made a comment about my lungs. He was right, I had been feeling like my lungs were irritated and dry for a few days now and just overall not 100%. Last night my throat was itchy, I had a mild fever and an ear and body aches so I turned in at 8pm. Problem was, I couldn't sleep because it was before a race!

I had broken that "no sleep before a race" thing back in May. I even slept super well for my last half, which felt amazing race day. But I guess being in a hotel, not feeling too great and having a race means no sleep! I woke up at least 30 times, no joke. It's okay, it reminded me of previous race nights and I kept saying to myself, I sure hope this one is good!

Yesterday I left Portland at about 1pm and hit a lot of traffic on the way down. This meant I took a few dorky car pictures

I even took a picture of the bottom of my dress, which I scored at a thrift shop for $2. It's grey, ties in the back and has a horse on it. What more could you want?

On the way to Eugene there are some Buttes, which are essentially just big hills randomly placed around the country-side. I don't get it geologically, but I've also never looked it up. I never had heard of a butte until I moved out here. I had just drove from Seattle to Bend to visit my mom's childhood friend Cindi and I remember asking her what the heck was up with all those weird hills? Well, apparently they have a name! I've educated many people since then on this. And it is pronounced "beaut" as if you were saying the first syllable of "beautiful". :)

Traffic started to pick up outside of Woodburn, which is an outlet mall so that was the only picture of the Butte that turned out. I did take a picture of my average highway gas mileage for this trip because I wanted to brag:

The unfortunate part of that is my normal in town gas mileage is lucky if it is 24mpg. Highway mileage is great though so road trips and this car are best friends! On a side note, I'll actually own this car next June. I bought it with 20k miles on it and have put 35k on in the past 4+ years, which is pretty decent. (And also means I've only taken a couple road trips) I am pretty sure I'll own the car before it has 60 thousand miles on it, which I think is pretty awesome!

Alright, back to the real stuff - the race. I arrived in Eugene around 3:30 (which was great time considering I was in 20mph traffic for a good 1/2 hour. I found my hotel, which is really a motel, pretty easily since it was right off the road I came in on. For it being off such a busy road it has thankfully been really quiet!

Also, while the space is pretty unclassy looking it is actually not bad at all for a ~$60/night room. I'm staying here for 2 nights for $140 and that includes $15 of hotel taxes. Thankfully I booked this trip a month ago before I moved!

On that note, I went around selling clothes last week for gas money for this trip and I actually made $34, which considering most of the clothes were going to go to Goodwill or put on ebay, I was stoked. I brought the store about 25 items and she took 7 for a store retail value of $96. Store credit was worth 50% and cash was 35%. I also received $40 in store credit at an outdoor shop which means more camping gear!

Back to Eugene: Bear in mind, it is early, I've not eaten breakfast or had coffee - the latter of which I can't have before a race, so I'm a bit scatter brained!

I checked into the hotel and opened up the door to this sexy room. Which hey, the bedspread is ugly but the bed isn't horrible and I have a mini-fridge and microwave!

I walked downtown to the 5th street public market, about 3 blocks down and 4 blocks over and picked up my race packet.

The whole packet pick up was pretty organized and we got pretty cute re-useable bags:

If we registered before August 1st we also had customized name bibs. I tried to be clever and put a heart next to my name but apparently no one has <'s in their names so they gave me a bib that said:

I was cracking up just thinking about people cheering me on during the race saying "go Brie 3!! You're looking strong!" so I decided to try and change the bib but all I could find was a blue pen at the hotel. I tried my best to make a cheese sign over the 3 but when I left cheese holes it looked ridiculous so I just wrote the word CHEESE. Then drew another cheese to the left of my name. My bib is butchered and kind of sad looking now:

Oh well!

The race shirts are okay. They are technical shirts, which is nice but the screen print is SO tiny and the green/purple contrast makes it hard to read. It's not a shirt I'll wear a lot but it's better than any of the cotton ones I own! Maybe the newness of having a lot of race shirts is just starting to wear off.

Last night I ate some Laughing Planet because I knew it was close-by and fairly inexpensive (and tasty). I had a bowl of carbs ;) I just went to the inn's breakfast area and got myself a bagel and coffee (which I will only drink part of!). I also got two packets of oatmeal and some applesauce for after the race.

It's an hour and 1/2 before the race! I've checked the weather and it looks like it won't even get into the 70's until 10:30-11am which is good news. I'm nervous and hoping to get a bit more energy from this coffee. I almost put applesauce on my bagel and also tried to go into the wrong room so I think I need it.

I need to figure out what I'm wearing and get ready! I plan to leave the hotel at 7:15 and head on over to the race for an 8am start time. That'll give me about 30 minutes of hanging out before the race, which is perfect.

Eeek, okay I have some nerves right now! I'll update later or tomorrow with thoughts/results! Wish me luck!!

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