Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Why's

I started this blog for a few reasons:

1) First and foremost, as a way to keep myself more accountable as a newer runner

I find that I've struggled a lot with motivation along the way. I'm not a natural athlete and running has never come easy for me. With that said, I find that because I am not naturally 'Born to Run' it makes me feel so much more accomplished and successful when I complete a run. I sweat a lot, I breathe heavy, my footfalls leave nothing to be desired and have lots of days where running for even 10 minutes feels impossible. It's getting easier.

Writing will hopefully keep more more accountable and motivated - and I really do love sharing my experiences along the way. I'm going to try and keep my frustration/swearing to a minimum but I have bad days and you'll see them.

2) To share with family, friends and possibly share/network with others

I realize that a good chunk of my friends and family have no interest in hearing about last night's run. They sympathize with my injuries and support my determination but keeping a blog means they can choose when/if they want to read about how I'm doing. Of course I'll still call my mom and talk to her about races or training sometimes - this has been a lifestyle chance and it's something I think about a lot - but I'll keep more of the details here.

I know I enjoy reading other runners blogs for inspiration and also to relate so maybe others will stumble across mine along their journey and read a bit. Hey - maybe I'll even attract some Portland folks and find some running buddies!

3) Keep a public record and be comfortable with sharing

This goes along with both the first and second reason but is a bit more detailed for me. I have a private blog and private social networking pages but I am not really an open book. I love reading others blogs and commend others honesty that they put out there for the world to see. I hope to do the same because running is not always pretty - in fact it can be pretty ugly if you aren't careful. I'm not going to sugarcoat anything or lie about the days I've had off.

I love food. And carbs. Pizza with broccoli and tomatoes is a weakness. Root beer floats are my post-run treat. I don't even want to mention carrot cake. I don't really know how realistic it is to think about giving those things up but I want to keep things balanced.

I also don't want to pretend I'm a running goddess or anything because I'm not. This is the real stuff and I have setbacks and a life like anyone else - I'm just trying to navigate through it all and find the time to enjoy something I've come to love!

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