Sunday, August 21, 2011

The middle of the day....

There are 3 main things on my mind right now

1) Volunteering for the 1/2 this morning
2) The 14k I'm running tonight
3) My carb-failure (sort of)

Since the past two posts were about my diet I feel I should at least begin to update with that. I was doing really well for the most part but then there was exercise, hot hot weather and well, I had a sandwich. It was Dave's Killer Wheat bread and oh, so delicious. Today after a long 4 1/2 hours of volunteering I had to get some food in me and well, I had another sandwich. Same bread.

Oh and I should probably mention my 2 sugary drinks from a girls night out Friday. Hah!

You know what? That's life! My weekly weigh-in yesterday had me at 1.2lbs down so who knows if it's done any good so far, it's been too short to tell and my weight usually fluctuates a few lbs up and down anyways.

Onto the volunteering bit this morning. As I was checking in the 3 people in front of me all happened to be at the same aid station I was at so it worked out really well coordination-wise! I was placed at aid station 1 about a mile and 1/2 into the race and then transferred to aid station 6. The race coordinator was a bit frazzled but she did an excellent job, especially for this being the first year of the race!

We were told to expect 300 people at the first aid station and about 175 at the second. The first covered both the 5k and the half and the second was the last one in the half. It worked out really well and our transition to the second station was pretty flawless. We piled into our 'leaders' car and drove down to the second spot while the race coordinators husband came back to pick up our coolers, tables and trash in the uhaul. Nice work to everyone!

I do have some criticisms though and they are actually not so much of the race but of my co-volunteers. Good lord were 2 of their attitudes poor! I'd say they were both mid to late 30's - they were apparently running partners and then later both joined girls on the run. Both of these women were opinionated and while I worked fine with them I was not rushing to get their personal info after the race. (Previous thoughts on volunteering were that maybe I'd meet some people to run with!) Yeah, not them, no thanks.

We also had a late 30's early 40's guy on our team as well who was really nice though (I am guessing was from South Africa since they mentioned that a few times) and a 9 year old girl who helped as much as she could but wore out pretty early on.

I'm not going to go an cite a bunch of examples, only a few, but goodness, leave the attitude at home ladies!!

When one of the first girls who ran by took a water she probably drank 2 droplets of it and then threw it on the ground and one of our volunteers yelled "thanks for using the trash can!"

I looked at her in disbelief and said "are you serious??" She said "nah not really, she couldn't hear me." Maybe she couldn't but when you're racing it's polite to use the trash can but it is NOT A RULE. In fact, I've been to so many races and the people at the aid stations will say to me just throw them on the ground, don't worry about it! Because that is what people do when they are running.... they keep going. My team person responded with 'well, I always try to use the trash can' and I told her I did too but sometimes it just doesn't happen. And it doesn't matter.

There were quite a bit more comments that just came off the wrong way or just sounded mean spirited to me.

Aid Station 6, the last one, was 1.5 miles from the finish and obviously the girls came running in a bit more spread out than as they came through the first station. We were set up at a space for them to turn but also at the top of a gradual, but unshaded hill. It was high 70's and getting warmer. If I were running that course (which was really hilly - and close to where I'm running tonight..) I would have probably walked up at a faster pace to that aid station cause let's face it, it's warm, I'm still a runner that still takes a lot of walk breaks and I'm not ashamed of it.

The other girl starts yelling out "great job walkers!!" I know she was trying to be supportive but if someone said that to me I would have been a bit disheartened. Basically if you say that to a walker there is probably no harm done but if you say that to a runner who is tired, hot and running a hard course chances are they're not going to feel great being called a walker. On the other hand if you say "great job runners!" you're going to make both sets of people feel good.

I mentioned this to her as a side comment and she told me she could just tell they were walkers by their gait. I continued to stick to "you're looking great ladies!!", "nice job!", "you look strong!", and "go runners!!!"

Finally, when we found out the last girl is usually a runner but she hurt her foot a few days prior so she was walking the race. When our aid station heard the news I felt proud of her and one girl said, "if she hurt her foot why wouldn't she just switch to the 5k? I would have switched to the 5k!. I understand the reasoning but I defended her saying, 'hey, maybe she started out running and then decided to walk the rest of the way. Or, maybe she just really still wanted to do the 1/2?"

I think I may just be a lot more sympathetic to people with injuries, walkers, newbies and hey, maybe I'm still just super cheery and kind of naive. I'm competitive in my own way but I sincerely respect everyone for getting out there and just doing the course - regardless of whether they are walking, jogging or racing their legs off. Everyone looked great and I honestly don't think one critical thought passed through my mind about anyone running the course. The fastest girl must have come in at 1:45 or so, as I don't think we saw the first girl until at least an hour and 1/2. This was a difficult course and major props to all the ladies running today. It also made me feel good because I drank multiple cups of water and electrolytes at Lacamas (similar weather), and so many people did today too.

All in all, I enjoyed volunteering and would happily volunteer at another race. It's so much fun cheering others on and keeping them hydrated and happy. I know how good it feels when you round a corner and see an aid station so it was nice to be that person of salvation, ha ha!

Onto tonight and my 'plan' to run the Salmon Creek Sunset Run. Right now it is 88 fucking degrees. Excuse my language but it is just too bloody hot. The race starts in 2 hours and the temperatures here won't come down until at least 7pm, when I'll probably (hopefully) (maybe) (if I run it) will be done running. 6 miles will take me a little over an hour - as there is no personal best in this type of heat! If I had to give an estimate I'd say 8.7 miles would take me an hour and 45 minutes in this heat. Maybe less but it's the type of day where you drink a few big gulps of water and you feel parched minutes after. With 3 aid stations on this course I already know if I go I'm running with my water bottle.

So that is the question - am I going to run? I might be able to switch to the 8k but that doesn't follow the salmon creek trail, which is why I really wanted to run the longer race. Plus, I've not run all week (but still been actively cross-training). I'm trying to keep my hips to heal up a bit and stretch them out often. I am still feeling pain but this rest has been good.

As it stands I am at least going to go and pick up my packet and see how the event is shaping up. I have never missed a race but this kind of heat is a serious enough reason to consider it. The 14k is supposed to be a run (although you can still walk parts of it..!) but I have a feeling there will be quite a few people walking tonight. I know most of the participants signed up for the 8k which is a run and walk event.

I love races but I also love not getting sick from heat exhaustion! I'll let my gut guide me through this one. Right now it's saying, get some more rest (oh, yeah, I am sleep deprived too btw!) and stay out of the sun! Almost 5 hours in the sun today has taken quite a bit out of me! I'm going to go jump in a cold shower, change back into some running clothes and head on over to the race. Either way, I am totally not going to feel guilty if I sit this one out! :)

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