Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 4 - Less Carbs + future running plans!

Monday night, while reading about how to cut back on carbohydrates without going insane I decided to splurge on carrot cake. Oh, the irony!

Except I actually forgot to buy some at the store because I was so distracted with my awesome 50% off finds of greek yogurt, salmon and some meats! So I've been hitting the goal of less than 100mg a day. I've not been logging but I'm certain my only regular allowances are in local raw honey for the greek yoghurt and minimal raw cane sugar for coffee.

Other allowances:
Monday: Odwalla Strawberry Protein Shake: way too many calories/sugar 300g/33g but okay for my 'splurge' since lunch didn't feel filling and I really needed something to get me through until dinner
Tuesday: 12oz skim latte with a very small amount of caramel sauce (carb count?)
Wednesday: homemade chocolate chip cookie(carb count?)
Tonight: If time is short tonight I will likely be eating a rice and bean bowl w/veggies & chicken

- but really, this has been progress for me!

Nutrition Facts:

1 tablespoon of honey = ~17g of carbohydrates and I know I don't put much more than a tablespoon of honey in a cup of yoghurt (tablespoon = about 3 teaspoons).

1 teaspoon of raw natural cane sugar = ~4g of carbohydrates. I'm not sure exactly how much I use but I'm a lot more conscious of it. With the 16oz of coffee I have been drinking daily (instead of my chai so far) I'd estimate about 3 teaspoons.

Other foods have minimal carbs but I'd say I'm under 75g a day - and I don't feel too crazy yet. For someone who has easily hit over 200 this feels good.

I severely miss sandwiches but I have mad love for green salads with lots of veggies some meat and balsamic or red wine vinegar - something I can eat daily and there are lots of ways to change that up. The good thing is I finally feel "full" after a meal. The first two days I was eating a lot bigger portions of meat and yoghurt so I'd feel full enough to not want to splurge. My dessert has been the greek yoghurt and honey and that feels like enough.

I will never be carb-free and I will still splurge but maintaining a bit of a balance right now has been good. The only thing though is that I've been feeling quite a bit more tired. This could be due to not having those 'energy spikes' from sugar or just an adjustment period. I never did do much research about how I'd be feeling as I've had such a busy week.

I've also not run this week (since Sunday) even though I've packed running clothes almost every day. Yesterday I even changed into them after work and planned to go but found myself a good excuse. I had to go home and clean as my landlord was showing my apartment today and that was good enough reason to 'ditch'. The hard part is remembering how good I feel after a run and getting out there sometimes.

As far as injuries go (that I haven't elaborated on this blog yet - soon!) I have hip pain on my left hand side while walking and it is irritated and much worse when running. I have been told I need to rest or the other resulting pains I've been having will continue. So, I guess these few days have been "rest" days. I can only hope that the 14k I signed up for on Sunday night won't beat me too far into the ground. 14k = 8.7 miles I believe. It's a good stepping stone for my 1/2 training though and I'm not taking the run all too seriously (time-wise). I've got to listen to my body because I've never had the pains I've had before and continue to stretch & ice every night and take ibuprofen every so often. My only run this week might just be Sunday! I'm trying to be okay with that.

3 1/2 weeks until the Eugene Women's 1/2! Goal time is anything under 2 hours and 30 minutes. I've rented a hotel room the night before and the night of so I can take a mini-vacation for myself and rest up well! The 1/2 seems like it is fairly laid back and there are free massages, chocolate and mimosa's for after the run. It is very much a 'pampered' kind of event. I've heard the course is fairly flat too, which is another bonus. I like the challenge of hills but it's a nice ego boost every once in awhile to see sub 10 splits more often than not!

After this Sunday I'm going to see how I feel injury wise and set a plan from there! This will be my first race where I haven't really eaten a bunch of carbs beforehand so we'll see how it goes!

And as a side note: I keep reading others running blogs and thinking to myself how much I would love to run every night a week. It makes me feel guilty to go more than 2 days in a row off but seriously, I need to shut up my brain. I also need to find more beginner or slower runner blogs! At some point I'll introduce my limited friend world to this blog and maybe find some better resources. Until then I'm writing solo, kind of like how I run!

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